101 Things Your Barber/Stylist Hates (But May Never Tell You)

Ronald Wilson | September 14th, 2015
Ronald and Rachel Wilson

Ronald and Rachel Wilson

101 Things Your Barber/Stylist Hates (But May Never Tell You) is a book of humorous tales inspired by real life experiences of author and barber, Ronald Wilson. The book is about 101 things customers carry out in the barbershops and salons that they may not be aware of that is weighing on the patience of their barber/stylist.

Barbers and stylists are responsible for making the world look good. With this being the case, you don’t want to do anything to add stress to their life on your next visit – they are people too. However, the only problem is, the general public doesn’t think so at times. This book was written to guide every customer on a personal, virtual tour through the minds of barbers and hairstylists across the globe.

From North Carolina to the coasts of sunny California, barbers and stylists are often blamed for everything under the sun pertaining to cutting and styling the hair of the American people. Things such as pushing a customer’s hair line back, missing appointments that were not made, drying out a customer’s scalp, giving someone’s child a ringworm, making someone’s hair fall or thin out, even down to “you are the reason I’m bald!” And the list goes on…

Ronald Wilson wrote the book to vent for the barber/stylist, as well as to educate the customer of their day–to-day oblivious behavior while at the shop. Behaviors such as “the silent parent”, “the non-tipper”, “the mirror watcher”, “the customer that’s always late”, “the shop hopper”, “the grease head”, and “the picky one”. Out of the 101 things, it’s a guarantee most people will find themselves somewhere on the list. There are numerous testimonies from barbers/stylists of customers changing their behavior as a result of reading the book. Also, the book merges the barber/stylist and the customer in lots of laughter and healing.

101 Things Your Barber/Stylist Hates (But May Never Tell You) has been placed into the hands of many celebrity master barbers, such as Sipp “The Surgeon”, Curtis Smith, James Mack “Original” Barber, Angel Raws, and Darrin “DL Master Barber” Lyons. Also, the book was presented and showcased during the MegaFest Hair Battle 2015 in Dallas sponsored by Bishop TD Jakes and Sipp “The Surgeon.”

Ronald Wilson was born in Wilmington, N.C. He and his wife Rachel were called into the ministry and ordained pastors by the late Bishop John W. Barber in 1998. Wilson is the author of The Dream Team, an inspiring writing concerning those whom God chooses to walk with you while on your road to destiny. The Dream Team was blessed to receive a foreword by Bishop Michael A. Blue, author of Building Credibility in Leadership and founding Pastor of The Door of Hope Christian Church in Marion, S.C.

He and his wife Rachel are both licensed life coaches with credentials from Saint Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Fla. Wilson and his wife, Rachel both received their honorary doctorate degrees from Saint Thomas as well. They are currently the Senior Pastors of Kingdom Vision Life Center in Greensboro, N.C.

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