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Yasmine Regester | July 17th, 2019
Anthony and Antwan Adams (Photos by Tory Bass)

Anthony and Antwan Adams (Photos by Tory Bass)

Soul food, entrepreneurship and community unity is a family endeavor for twin brothers, Anthony and Antwan Adams. Their desire to create something different and authentic was the catalyst that started 42 Fry.

The restaurant boasts a robust soul food and seafood menu consisting of their signature fish, chicken and shrimp recipes, paired with southern favorites like baked beans, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, collard greens and, a crowd pleaser, fire roasted corn-on-the-cob. Everything is made to order, and other options are available for patrons who are not seafood fans. Antwan shares that a customer favorite on the menu is the dinner platter combo, because it offers the most amount of food at a reasonable price.

Opened in February 2019 at 815 West Gate City Blvd, the owners of 42 Fry want to be known as the best seafood restaurant in the Triad. They note one of their greatest accomplishments includes opening day and seeing people continue to return.

“We want to serve some really good soul food and seafood,” said Antwan. “We’ve been in several different restaurants as employees. We knew we wanted to capture a different audience. We have a different kind of concept and people seem to love it.”

The pair supervises everything together, from the menu to vendors, even down to the restaurant layout and decor. “We just have an entrepreneurial mindset,” says Anthony.

The name 42 Fry came to them after a prayer session in the early morning hours. The name signifies creating a place where people can gather, unite and be able to talk about anything. With a combination of seeking God’s help and having a concept that people will love not just now but also in the future, are what the twins say guides them in their business. “It’s been a learning process. But through prayer and faith, we have made it through those difficult times,” says Antwan.

They add that the feeling they get from serving people and seeing them enjoy the food is indescribable. “When people keep returning and telling you how great the quality and taste of the food is, that’s something that no matter how many times you hear it, it can never be enough. Our goal is for everyone to experience it,” says Anthony.

Another mission of 42 Fry is to provide a community space where people from all backgrounds can gather and connect over good food. The brothers say the restaurant’s proximity to a few of the area’s higher education institutions allows them to create a diverse and unique space for the community.

“We want to contribute to promoting unity in the community,” says Anthony. “We feel blessed to be able to do this.”

42 Fry also offers franchise opportunities. With backgrounds in finance, business and real estate, the brothers say they feel equipped with the knowledge and experience they would like to share with other aspiring small business owners. They say anyone who is willing to work hard and has business acumen can be successful as a franchise owner. This concept is built upon people getting to be the entrepreneur and still maintain a voice in the process as an owner.

“As a franchise owner, you’re going to have people in your life who have been entrepreneurs and been in businesses. There’s a lot of knowledge out there that people don’t know how to take advantage of. You’d be surprised how many want to start a business but are afraid because they don’t know where to start,” says Anthony.

The 42 Fry family is all about empowering people to build their own, by combining knowledge with work ethic. They both share they are appreciative of the people around them that could advise them on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the food service industry. They say having perseverance was crucial for them in learning how to deal with vendors, how to purchase employee uniforms, electronics, machines, and furniture.

“We’re trying to create millennial entrepreneurs. We’re showing that people can have their own business, but not something that’s going to put you 20 to 30 years in debt,” said Anthony.

Born and raised in Greenville, NC, the brothers say their love of soul food and seafood is tied to fond memories of family and food. Both attended and graduated from East Carolina University and were played for the college’s football team. “Greensboro is home to me now. And my wish is for everyone to experience 42 Fry,” says Antwan. “It’s like a family cookout every day at 42 Fry.”

Anthony, a father of four boys and Antwan, a father of three girls, say they are also using this venture to show their children the value of hard work, the power of prayer and going after your dreams. They note it’s important that they leave a legacy their families can be proud of. “Our wives and kids are our biggest drivers. We want to be able to support our families and provide options and show them all the different opportunities available out here,” said Antwan.

The concept of ‘family’ doesn’t end with customer service however; it also extends to the staff. 42 Fry wasn’t open on Sundays before because the brothers say they believe in preserving the quality of life for people, so they didn’t initially plan to be a seven-a-day week restaurant. 42 Fry is open Monday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., and now Sunday from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. to accommodate the increasing demand for the classic southern dishes. They also offer catering services, as well as weekly and daily specials, and discounts to first responders, students, and teachers. They also plan to partner with local schools and businesses to continue to promote their mission of unity.

“We’re trying to build a sustainable business. We’re working to make a difference and a positive community impact, while providing excellent customer service. If we do those things, I think everything will take care of itself,” says Antwan. The sibling entrepreneurs recently unveiled their second 42 Fry restaurant, located in Greenville, NC, with future goals to operate a food truck.

If you are in Greensboro or Greenville, be sure to stop by any one of their locations to enjoy some delicious seafood accompanied with excellent customer service. And remember that everyone is family at 42 Fry.

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