Nzinga Cates

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Nzinga Cates (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Nzinga Cates (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Nzinga Cates is a native of Erie, Pa. and the youngest of three. She graduated from Edinboro University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. She later received her master’s degree in community counseling from the same school. She is the mother of three beautiful children and has a wonderful husband of 12 years that pushes her to be the best on a daily basis. They have resided in Charlotte, N.C. since 2013.

Three years ago she became licensed with the North Carolina Board of Professional Counselors. This connection allowed her to continue a 15 year career in the mental health/behavioral health field. Five months ago, she decided to begin seeking clients on her own. With the support of family, colleagues, friends and a whole lot of faith, she took the leap and has not looked back.

Nzinga Cates is a national certified counselor (NCC) and licensed professional counselor (LPC). Her counseling services offer comprehensive mental health and life coaching services to individuals, families and groups. She provides counseling in a calm, safe and fun environment where her clients are free to work through their current life stressors without judgment and shame, while striving to achieve your goals. She also provides a wide array of services ranging from anger management, couples counseling, and self-esteem to individual therapy and family therapy. This also includes services for marriage and women’s issues. Other services provided are anxiety, grief and loss, parenting skills, sexual perpetration/victim awareness, and abuse-sexual, physical and emotional. She also utilizes cognitive behavioral, reality therapy and existentialism with a dose of TLC to provide effective therapeutic services.

At a young age, Cates says she was always intrigued by the mind and knew that it was not healthy to keep toxic, hurtful feelings and emotions inside. While speaking to a counselor one day she fell in love with the idea that she had the ability to help people ― one person or family at a time. “It inspires me to know that the struggles I have been through are not in vain and that I can use my educational experience as well as life experience to make a difference in others,” she says.

“Throughout life I have struggled with many life challenges. Initially, I was told verbally and by observation that you should not talk about your problems,” says Cates. In high school her guidance counselor told her that if she ever went to college, she would never graduate because she just didn’t have what it took. This conflicted with what she wanted in life. To be healthy mentally, spiritually and physically and to succeed in whatever she wanted for herself.

Cates is inspired by God, her children and husband. “They give me the courage and strength to get up and do what I do. I want my children to know that they ‘can’ because I ‘did’. I strive to provide effective mental health services to all, but to change and challenge the perspective and culture that African Americans do not receive or need counseling,” she says.

She says she loves having the freedom to work outside of the box with her clients. She has a spunky personality that she says cannot be contained. “I have always believed that clients sessions are for them and should be catered to them; therefore I strive to provide my expertise in the best possible way that reflects their personality,” she says. Having flexibility and her own space has allowed her to do just that. “Being an entrepreneur has also given me the ability to be present for my children and husband,” she says.
Cates says she plans to do even more in the future to help others. She aspires to grow as an individual and as an entrepreneur. “My goal is to reach out and help as many people as possible. I would love to eventually travel the world and help others who are suffering in silence. I want them to know that they are not alone,” she says. In the end, she would like to be able to say and have it said about her that she tried her best to make a difference in the world.

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