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by Tonya Dixon | November 13th, 2013
Prophetess Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon

Prophetess Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon (Photo by A Church Without Walls)

People spend their entire lives trying to discover their purpose. Some are fortunate enough to discover it, while many others die with their purpose unfulfilled. Prophetess Dr. Felicia Williams Redmon is the natural daughter to Horace and Joann Williams, wife to Overseer Eddie Redmon and natural mother to Joanna (affectionately known as Jodi) her 24 year old daughter with down syndrome. Prophetess wears many hats from Prophet, to Pastor, to teacher, to counselor, to spiritual Midwife and spiritual Mother, but she knows exactly who she is and what her purpose is on earth.

Redmon knows God has called her to be a prophetic mouthpiece. She likens it to being a change agent. In other words, the catalyst to help people get to where they are supposed to be. Her prophetic gift is contingent upon her ability to hear the voice of the Lord audibly and respond gracefully and accordingly. Redmon makes it clear that she, like many other true prophets of God, often hear from the Lord, but their response is not always to shout it to the hills, or sit in condemnation and judgment, rather to respond in sincere prayer and intercession and show people the true purpose of the office of a prophet. She admits, the spiritual office she has been given is often surrounded in mystique and even more often met with skepticism. However, there is no spookiness or weirdness about Redmon. Everything she does within her ministry is directly from God and delivered in godly order.

“I have to tell people that prophecy is not Astrology. Our primary gift is not to read people but to be the mouthpiece of God for His people. It is not witchcraft,” she says. “There is a noticeable shift in people when they discover the office that I hold. It’s because they have been around so many fake [self-serving] prophets. I put them at ease. I know God has called me to restore the reputation of the church. The church has been bashed for so long. It’s important that we let people see that we are who He says we are. We change people by our words matching up with our actions.”

Redmon is the founder and senior pastor of The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls, which is a International ministry not based on numbers but because of what they do. They are located in Greensboro N.C. In 2007, she and her husband, Overseer Eddie Redmon and six other individuals planted the church, which has since grown and come to be known as “The Campus.” Visitors can witness for themselves that Redmon practices what she preaches. Prophetess Redmon accepted her call into ministry, but pastoring was never really on her radar. She earned a teaching degree from Winston Salem State University, a masters degree from North Carolina A&T State University and a Masters of Divinity degree from Hood Theological Seminary. So a far as she was concerned, her life would consist of being an educator, counselor and a mouthpiece for the Lord. For nearly 14 years that is exactly what she did. She worked in the school system and simultaneously preached the word of God. Redmon faithfully served in her local church, Mount Pleasant Christian Church Disciples of Christ (MPCC) and sung in the Sunshine Choir. As time passed she grew in ministry, eventually going through a season as Assistant Minister of MPCC. The Lord was grooming her for much more. Her ministry schedule overlapped her counseling position in the Greensboro Public Schools. After establishing The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls (HQACWW), God gave Redmon the choice of remaining in her counseling position. With full support from her husband, she opted to “get out of the boat.”

Redmon was no longer teaching in the schools, but her life and lifestyle remained her unofficial lesson plan. Ministry is constantly teaching and learning. She believes everyone is charged to walk out their calling. Redmon says ministry in any facet is not always easy, but being confident in the God that lives within you and learning how to love people is important. “When you have people who are not sure of whom they are themselves they will try to dissuade or discredit who you know you are,” she says. “Most people will have to see it and experience it, to believe it.”

Despite the detractors, Redmon says the key is learning how to love people. Although she didn’t immediately practice it, she learned to love people out of her spirit rather than her heart. The heart is subject to emotions and feelings, but the spiritual man loves, cares, and supports even in the midst of persecution. It’s these foundational principles that Prophetess Redmon teaches on any given Sunday, Thursday or virtually any other day of the week at HQACWW. The ministry is solely based upon the Word of God. Redmon says everything they do is backed up through scriptures. Even though the ministry is growing by leaps and bounds (even preparing to move to a larger facility), Redmon says she initially asked God why He wanted her to establish a church. She was certain of the work she was already doing and was obedient to the best of her knowledge.

The answer she received from God was startling to say the least. “God told me to call it The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls because He said He was going to be the only spotlight,” she says matter-of-factly. She was given the vision for the entire ministry, including the strategic establishment of four other A Church Without Walls ministries-one of which has already been planted in Danville, Virginia. “God said we would be a campus and we would train and equip others.” That is exactly what they have been doing. In fact, God has blessed the ministry so much that during the first quarter of 2014 A Church Without Walls will be moving into their very own, custom designed worship facility.

In the six years that the church, or community as Redmon refers to it, has been established, virtually every aspect of the vision has been implemented. Under Prophetess Redmon’s humble leadership (who by-the-way has a doctorate of ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.), The Headquarters of A Church Without Walls has opened the New Testament School of Theology. There are nine different tracks for students. Initially, Redmon and her Admistrative Assistant of Operations designed each track’s program by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Today it’s a different story. She explains that God will make provision for everything we need. “Every piece of who I am God brought in to this community and I’ve been able to release it. From the educator to the counselor to the prayer warrior to the psalmist, etc.” Other staff pastors focus on various aspects of the ministry according to their individual gifts and callings. There is a pastor of education, youth pastor, care pastor and the list continues.

The ministry attempts to not only perfect what it does in house, but to perfect and impact its local community through the missions and evangelistic ministries. The concept is that a ministry should not only be accountable to God, but a ministry in excellence should be compelled to be accountable to the community it serves. Pastor of Education, Tracy Lindsey says she believes the lack of accountability and failure to command and expect excellence is often the reason why many people and churches fail to adequately meet the needs of the people they have been called to serve. HQACWW makes it a priority to positively affect its community. On any given day, the church utilizes its resources to help individuals with housing, counseling, food, clothing, employment, healthcare and much more – all from a budget built solely from tithes and offering. In addition, Prophetess Redmon understands the importance of reaching out to other ministries. She believes whatever gifts and talents are within HQACWW is available for the edification of other churches as well. “You are not just gifted for A Church Without Walls, she says,” she says. “You are gifted for the whole body of Christ and for the world.”

Prophetess Redmon insists whichever way God directs her or the church the ministry will stand firmly upon five pillars:

  • To move from church focused to Christ focused
  • To move from settled church to church as a movement
  • To move from running congregations to building communities
  • To move from isolation to interdependence
  • To move from using faith as security to faith as a risk
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