A Cream Affair

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2013
Linease Washington

Linease Washington (Photo by Linease Washington)

Linease Washington describes herself as the ultimate event planner who is professional that pays attention to even the most minuet detail. She is someone who listens to your dreams and turns them into reality. Reaching back into her life as a child, she has always been creative. Growing up, her mother would always ask, how in the world did she come up with her ideas. She realized then that she didn’t think or dream as her friends or family did and saw life in a different light. No matter what your budget is, she can pull it off.

Washington owns and operates, A Cream Affair, the premier one stop location for all your event needs. “From birthday parties, conferences, weddings and everything in between, we can handle everything from start to finish,” she says. “Our clients decide how involved they would like us to be and we deliver the ‘oohs and ahhs’ thier guests will never forget.”

Washington says she has always been an event planner. “I was always the one that friends and family would come to for help in planning their event from church functions, parties or weddings,” she says. When she moved to High Point, N.C., God opened the door for her to be able to telecommute for her employer in Cambridge. Little by little she began to plan events which allowed her business to grow into a full-time event planning company.

Washington says she loves to provide her clients with the chance to enjoy their event. She accomplishes this by making her clients feel like guests. She developed this strategy after an experience at her daughter’s wedding. “We had planned the entire event and while the guests were enjoying themselves, my daughter and I were attending to the last details. I made a vow on that day that none of my clients would ever worry about the details and planning of their events,” she says.

Each client of Washington receives the Cream Experience, which consists of four different event packages. The Cream of the Crop (the full package), includes complete assistance through every phase of their event planning; Coffee and Cream (partial planning), which is designed for the busy client who needs a little more assistance; and the Cream Burlee (month of event), which is designed for those wishing to pass the torch a month or two before their event. Then finally there is the Whipped Cream Package (day of coordination), which is essential for clients who would like to plan their own event but ensure that it is completed without any hitches or surprises.

A Cream Affair is truly a testament of Washington’s walk with Christ. Cream is an acronym for “Christ Rules Everything Around Me”. She chose to add Affair to her business name because of her relationship with Christ and His love for her. “I know without Him, I can’t do anything,” she says. She is inspired by scriptures in the Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 3:1 which states that there is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every event under heaven; and Philippians 4:13 which says that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Her life and business has been impacted by her mother, Ida Lee Dixon, Oprah Winfrey, and Stacie Jacobs, whose company helped plan the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in 2012. She says she is also inspired by women in general and encourages them to go after their dreams, no matter what their struggle is. Going forward, Washington says she hopes to plan an event on a state or national platform such as the Oscars or an event for President Barack Obama.

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