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by Terry Watson | September 10th, 2014
Stephen Walker (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Stephen Walker (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Stephen Walker is truly gifted in understanding what it takes to make a man or woman feel and look good in their attire. He says it all begins with a good suit and his company, A Cutting Edge Custom Clothiers, designs and produces custom clothing for men and women. The company specializes in custom clothing that includes: suits, topcoats, shirts, slacks, blouses and skirt.

In 2004, Walker started his business in the same existing place that it resides now, in his home. It happened as a result of not being completely satisfied with the styling options offered to him from clothiers within his reach. “I had purchased custom clothing from other clothiers prior to starting my business. And I realized that this would be the perfect way for me to express my unique sense of style and flair,” he says. After attending church on one particular Sunday and dressed in “a store bought suit”, Walker says he looked across the sanctuary and saw someone else wearing the same exact suit. “I knew it was time,” he explains.

Walker says he is able to create a professional look from classic to contemporary. “No matter how you define style, we provide it all. You can be your own designer and personalize your suits. Your new wardrobe will allow you to look and feel great without spending a fortune,” he says. “I love servicing the client utilizing a holistic approach by making diverse fabrics, shapes, colors and designs to make outfits that are distinctive, practical and fashionable.”

When someone buys a suit from Walker, he would be the first to say that his suits are better. Sure he uses the same fabrics as other clothiers, but what sets his suits apart from others is the quality and affordability. He says his clients are able to design their own clothing which defines their style without breaking the bank.

He credits his late mother, Mary Inez Walker for instilling in him her knowledge of business and the importance of being fair and honest. “I am inspired to provide a consistent level of unique service with the absolute highest quality clothing at excellent pricing,” says Walker. He also draws inspiration from by all the new trends and styles including slim suits and slim pants.

The typical cost of his products range between $495 to $1195 and the average turnaround time on a custom suit is four to six weeks but is usually delivered by the fourth week. Walker says his typical client ranges from the average everyday man or woman to pastors, deacons, and professional athletes.

Walker is a family man who works hard with strong determination to accomplish the task at hand. “I enjoy being a service to making people look good and feel good about themselves. Whether I am hanging out with family, friends, and co-workers, I try to remain consistent in both my personal and business life,” he says.

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