A Double Graduation

by Alana Allen | May 10th, 2014
La’Lace and Nannie Young (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

La’Lace and Nannie Young (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Nannie Young is not your typical college student. However, she is accomplishing her dreams at the amazing age of 58 years old.

Due to an unexpected layoff, what most would consider rejection allowed Young’s steps to be redirected for an opportunity for her to receive a two-year college degree. She pursued this opportunity at Guilford Technical Community College with the faith that believed anything was possible with hard work. She went on to continue her education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Even during hard times, she pushed herself through and she received academic honors at GTCC on the President’s List and Dean’s List, and at UNCG she was inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor Society. She says during the tough times of being in college, her daughter, La’Lace Young, would always encourage her to keep going.

In the month of May, Nannie will walk across the stage at UNCG as an honor student, mother and an overcomer. More importantly, she will share this special moment in her life with her daughter, La’Lace, who is also graduating this summer from Ragsdale High School with honors as well. “I am so elated because my daughter and I are sharing our accomplishments together,” said Nannie. “It feels like a dream because I never thought at my age, school would be in my plans.”

This is truly a testimony for Nannie because she always wanted to raise a child and God blessed her with a beautiful baby that was only three days old at adoption. She honestly thought her mission was to raise her child and encourage her to go to college, but she never imagined that higher education was in the plan for her life.

In the future, Nannie would love to attend graduate school; however her first priority is to seek employment and focus on getting her daughter in college. “I would love to pursue a career that allows me to work with children who have behavioral problems,” she says. “Right now, a juvenile court counselor, parole or probation officer holds my interest. I know my calling is working with teenagers, who are at-risk in society. I also believe Jesus already has that specific job for me. I have faith that I will be used to empower a child.”

As for her daughter, La’Lace, her plans are to countdown the days until graduation, prepare for college and pursue a career as a lawyer. Her dreams are to work as a corporate lawyer, make partner at a well-known firm and possibly open a practice of her own.

The sweetest gift she wants to one day give to her mom is to take care of her for all she has done for her. “My mom has impacted my life so much, her going back to school at her age and accomplishing everything that she has is such a wonderful thing,” said La’Lace. “I am very proud of her and watching her fly through school gives me all the hope in the world for my future plans.”

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