A Gift of Confidence

by Alana Allen | May 10th, 2014
LaTonya Couch (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

LaTonya Couch (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

When it comes to a woman’s hair, it’s one of the top priorities in the morning that sets the tone for the day. A good hair day can make any woman feel gorgeous and add a boost of confidence. However, a bad hair day can cause a woman to have low self-esteem, question herself and increase nervousness.

So can you imagine what it is like for women who are working hard to improve their lives with the hopes of securing a job or fitting in with new employment, but they cannot afford hairstyling services? This is a harsh reality for a woman focused on transforming her life but lacks the resources due to finances. However, LaTonya Warren-Couch, owner of Millennium Styling Studio and her stylists are making a huge impact in the lives of women who are moving forward in their lives with a gift of a free hairstyle.

Millennium Styling Studio, located in Greensboro has partnered with the Department of Social Services’ Workforce Development program to help women who are in need of this service. The women in this program are connected to the salon through a referral system from DSS. When they arrive the day of their appointment, all clients receive excellent customer service and most importantly, they receive encouragement and wisdom from stylists who are there to help.

The owner and visionary of Millennium Styling Studio, LaTonya Couch has been a stylist for more than 17 years and she is extremely passionate about helping her community. “When I was 15 years old, I lived on my own and the community helped me,” says Couch. “Ever since then, I’ve been reaching out to help others the same way people gave back to me.”

Every year, Millennium Styling Studio has a theme to serve the community with free hairstyles such as helping senior citizens, encouraging voters to get out to vote and back to school drives. In the future, the salon plans to continue to support more community events and connect with women who are transitioning from the prison system. If you would like to connect with LaTonya Warren Couch of Millennium Styling Studio about impacting the community, please e-mail her at LatonyaCouch@yahoo.com.

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