A Hustle and a Sacrifice

by Terry Watson | September 11th, 2012

Terry Watson – Editor

This is who I am. For five years I have been blessed to publish Huami Magazine. My goal is to always provide our readership with informative and inspiring information. As you flip through its pages, I hope that your life is positively impacted by the stories of battle and triumph, failures and success shared by those featured. I confess that I love what God has allowed me to do. Huami Magazine has given me purpose, a purpose that I describe as a hustle and sacrifice.

Many years ago I asked God to bless my life with something that would glorify Him. At that present time I was merely following a routine that fell short of satisfying a thirst and hunger for living a more meaningful life. God answered me with Huami Magazine. Understandably, I responded with excitement and immediately began to look for ways to fulfill God’s command. I stumbled and since then I have made mistakes, some big and some bigger, but with each blunder the lessons have brought me closer to where God wants me to be.

In order for me to fully realize my vision, I can’t sit back and wait for it to happen. I must hustle, go when I would rather stay, and be willing to take some losses. These losses I describe as sacrifices. Not everyone is happy for your success and some could care less. I have lost some friends, a sacrifice. I have lost opportunities, a sacrifice. I have even used my own resources to meet deadlines, a sacrifice. But I refuse to sit around and search for answers on what to do after the wall tumbles, that is my hustle.

I hustle because I asked God for my gift. He could have given it to anyone else, but He chose me. I hustle because I am truly grateful for my blessing and being chosen. I advise anyone who has a vision and dream for doing anything with their lives, to be willing to let go and surrender the comforts of life. The rewards are much more gratifying and will make your life much more meaningful.

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