A Life of Pearls with Equator Kennedy

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Equator Kennedy

Equator Kennedy

Equator Kennedy is the owner and founder of Styled by EK, Life of Pearls, an empowerment movement that starts with image. They provide unique, hand selected jewelry and accessories, consisting primarily of pearls. They also strive to add to their clients’ image and style by finding fashionable pieces that will compliment any outfit or setting.

Kennedy is also a community leader and a champion of women’s issues. Many know her as a loyal friend and family woman. Her passion for fashion and consulting started at a young age. “I take pride in motivating others to leap and conquer every dream that God blessed them with. I love helping in the community and enjoying life through laughter and positive environments. My motto in life is, one person can change the world by affecting one person at a time. Together, we shall all overcome,” she says.

Growing up as a child, she was always obsessed with her mother’s jewelry. In her teenage years, she loved shopping with her and helped accessorize her outfits.

“I’ve always loved fashion and jewelry and had a love for pearls. I knew I wanted to do something in the fashion industry so I started to educate myself on how to run a successful business. I attended numerous workshops and seminars and often networked while building a following. One thing led to another and in December of 2016 I launched Life of Pearls online,” she says.

Their products are hand selected pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They also have purses, shoes, accessories, and more. In addition to providing products that are geared to women and children, plans are in the work to add men’s fashionable wear.

Moving forward, Kennedy hopes to impact more women and help change their mindset and approach to life. “Sometimes our success is hindered by negativity or the hurt we harbor. When this happens, we are not always able to see the good in the world, or receive the blessings that are headed our way,” says Kennedy.

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