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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 21st, 2020
Andrea Brown (Photos by JLG Photography)

Andrea Brown (Photos by JLG Photography)

There is no doubt, what many call ‘the natural hair movement’ has exploded within the last several years. There are countless companies creating products that aim to assist Black women with non-chemically treated hair to achieve a healthier mane. Andrea Brown decided to make her own hair products for friends and family initially but took it a step further when she realized the men needed some attention as well.

The Detroit native started experimenting with natural and essential oils and finally settled on a formula that launched her company, AB Organic Beard Oils in August 2019. With her background in business and sales as a former model and model scout, Brown quickly began making connections and growing her clientele by distributing samples to local salons and retail stores. “Everyone loved it!” she laughs. The samples quickly turned into purchases with repeat customers and referrals.

The line of products includes an oil, shampoo and conditioner, and a new beard balm. Thus far, clients have had less itch, noticeable beard softness, and facial bumps have reduced after using the product for a short period of time.

Early on, Brown had no idea her path would lead her to the hair care industry, though beauty and self-care was always an interest. “I helped lots of women secure modeling jobs in Atlanta when I lived there. However, I felt like I was leading them down the wrong path,” she says. During this time Brown was also caring for her ill grandmother, working, pursuing a college degree, and connecting with God.

She remembers the exact moment she went through a transformation. “He spoke to me so clearly and told me that was not what he wanted me to do. That was not my calling.” At that very moment, Brown was attending a photo shoot and promptly left the set, leaving others confused and asking questions.

“I was struggling with my walk with Christ and still living worldly. So now I minister to women and lift them up and try to get them on the right track.” Instead of focusing on outward beauty, Brown began speaking life into those she knew needed encouragement. She connects with some about pursuing entrepreneurship, involving themselves in positive relationships, and making the right decisions for their future, among other things. She keeps her faith and spirituality at the forefront of her life by following women like Heather Lindsay, Joyce Meyers, Juanita Bynum, and Priscilla Shirer. Brown knows that she is in a much better place than she was during her industry days and vows to continue on this current path of growth.

By day, the 32 year old is a pharmacy technician who still values hard work and persistence, a trait that many others think millennials are missing. Brown has managed to partner with LDZ Barbershop and Venus Beauty Supply, both in Spartanburg, Tapers Barbershop in Lyman to showcase AB Organic Beard Oils. She hopes to make an appearance at several Walmart stores in the area very soon. “I just walked into Walmart, asked for a manager and showed him my product. He kept it and wants me to come back to talk about it. And I’m doing that with other Walmart locations in my area.” The level of drive needed to succeed as a business owner is clearly present in Andrea Brown.

She fully expects to be a household name in the near future. When she’s not working her full-time job, she’s quietly fulfilling orders, experimenting with new formulas, and strategizing on what her next move will be. When asked about having time for herself, she once again mentioned working. “I love it. Working on my product is all I do,” she says.
Brown is in the process of expanding her line of products and making plans to debut it next year.

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