Adolescent Girls Pen New Journal That Is For and All About Girls

by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2017

About The Book
A Girl’s World is an authentic and heartfelt journey into the lives of adolescent girl discovering themselves. The authors, Damonie Johnson (14) and Laila Thomas (10) share true stories about their experiences with pain, excitement and the stress of meeting the many expectations placed upon them as adolescent girls. Through this engaging and interactive dialogue journal, adolescent girls will be challenged to explore their own self-identity, how it affects their relationships with their peers and how their identity and engagement with the world is impacted by simply being a girl.

“I really want to be able to share my story and experiences in a way that lets other girls know that they are not alone,” says, Johnson. Johnson bravely shares her heart-wrenching story of helping a friend who was hurting herself and how she has struggled to overcome the pain of growing up without her mother. But this book is not just about heart-ache and pain. The book also encourages adolescent girls to find beauty in everything around them. “I want girls to be inspired by the things they see in their everyday life… shapes, colors, flowers, and especially, food!” says Thomas.

Meet The Girls
Damonie Johnson is 14 years-old and a new author. She lives in Crestview, FL and currently attends Shoal River Middle School where she is an A student. She plays the trombone in the school band. In her spare time, she loves to read books, draw and listen to music. Authoring a book is a life-long goal for Damonie. She also looks forward to having a successful career as a musician in a professional orchestra.

Laila Thomas is 10 years-old. She is a new author and is full of spirit. She lives in Acworth, GA and is an A student who loves to travel and cheer. She has recently begun to explore photography and has an insatiable appetite for food. Her favorite food is Mexican. When Laila isn’t capturing her life on video using her mom’s phone, you can find her being a loving and supportive big sister to her two younger siblings.
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