Adriene Odom

by Terry Watson | May 15th, 2019
Adriene Odom (Photos by Smart Shot Photography)

Adriene Odom (Photos by Smart Shot Photography)

There is one word that can effectively describe who Adriene Odom is; survivor. Even more, she is a mother, author, and soldier. With all of these attributes, God has made her perfect and unique.

Adriene, who is originally from Yanceyville, North Carolina but, migrated along with her family to Virginia when she was about nine or ten years of age. For the most part, Virginia is home for her, but the path and roads traveled along her journey in life far exceeds the common wealth state.
“Becoming an author was something I never imagined for myself. The way I told my story bought me so much more strength and empowered me.,” she says.

In 2017, the aspiring author made the decision to share a sincere and precious part of her life in the pages of her book, The Making Of A Soldier. “This is my story of surviving so many obstacles which are similar to those that women have to face daily,” she shares.

Adriene says she had to rely solely on her faith in God to carry her from a state of brokenness as a teenage mother and single mother, to becoming a soldier in the United States Army, and now disabled veteran.

As a soldier, she did one tour to duty in Afghanistan during which time she began to realize who she was and her purpose for life. “I was put here on earth to become a soldier, not just in the Army but, for women and men who are too afraid to speak out for themselves. In my book I expose my darkest and most intimate secrets so that others would be inspired to tell their stories and be set free, no longer having to live in bondage,” she shares.
Adriene’s story opens the doors of her life to the its readers, and what lies behind them are pages of pain and triumph, as well as determination and self acceptance.

“In my lifetime, I’ve faced homelessness, domestic abuse, rape, and divorce. My testimony is my story. The story of a teenage mother having her first child at 15 and then her second at 19. It is a story of becoming a high school drop out, and later joining the US Army, and eventually becoming a disabled veteran. It’s a story of me becoming an author, entrepreneur, and founder of Joshua’s Place, a nonprofit that helps to house, and advocate for homeless veterans,” she shares.

Adriene finds inspiration in being a mother to her four sons Gabriel (26), Joshua (21), Kaleb (12), and Aldarius (5). Though now divorced, that experience alone caused a great deal of hurt and pain. “It was almost like grieving for my husband, except he wasn’t dead. The hurt that he caused me has given me the strength I needed to continue to be what others needed from me to survive,” she says. “I guess in so many ways it intensified my hunger and passion to continue to help others.” Throughout her book, Adriene shares similiar experiences, all of which lead to where she is today. And that is a winner.

Moving forward Adriene plans to continue to share her story through motivational speaking with the hopes of inspiring others to tell their stories. To purchase a copy of her book, The Making of A Soldier, please visit her website.

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