Advance Planning Or Pre Plan Funeral Arrangements

Carlton Gray | November 16th, 2017
Carlton L. Gray

Carlton L. Gray

The very idea of discussing or talking about death can be very difficult, however it is one worth having with your loved ones. It has many advantages, among them peace of mind. Knowing that you have a plan in place not only eases your mind, but your loved ones will not have the extra burden of the unknown.

There are many details that immediately begin when a death occurs. Research has listed at least 101 items that every survivor will be confronted by on the day of death of a family member. From contacting other family members, friends and community to selecting and meeting a funeral provider. Advance planning can relieve much of this by having these important tasks already in place.

The first step is to discuss with significant others your desires and final instructions. Secondly, meet with a funeral provider of your choosing. By doing this ahead of time you can take your time and investigate and or compare services and cost without the immediate pressure and stress that death, especially sudden death can bring upon a family. Once you have a funeral provider you can then begin to formulate your wishes and directives in a carefully laid out plan. This could be from a simple direct cremation to a full traditional service followed by burial or cremation.

The third step is to consider how you will pay for these plans and make provisions ahead of time. The advantages of this is you can have control over the amount of cost and in some cases, guarantee that your service will be protected against future inflation.

The following are some methods of funding your final expenses; personal insurance policy, pre-need policy purchased from the funeral home, or private funds or savings. I encourage every adult regardless of age, married or single make this a part of your important to do and have list. In life there are a lot of unknowns but, it is sure and certain that every person that is born will lay to rest eventually. With this being known why not approach it with the importance it deserves.

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