Agatha Grimes Celebrates 50 Years of Life

Monica Walker | July 11th, 2014
Agatha Grimes

Agatha Grimes

In March 21, 1964, Coleman and Brenda Dawkins gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Agatha. Agatha went on to become a bright and successful woman in her various ventures. So when we had our initial discussion on planning her party, we were puzzled as to how to reflect her 50 years of life in one theme. The answer came instantly as she enjoyed a movie date with her husband and from there, the “Agatha Grimes Great Gatsby Experience” began. I immediately got to work finding a venue, securing decorations and much more. While Agatha was out on one of her many ventures, she stumbled across a secret in the C-Connect Event Center and decided it was the perfect spot for her events.

Now that the location was secured, Agatha selected Torita Waller as the decorator. Mrs. Waller laid out a nice vision at our walk-through and her execution made us feel like we were on the movie set. My next step was perhaps my biggest feat yet; I had to tackle the guest list! How do you create a list for a person that knows hundreds of people and more in her 50 years of life? The solution to that was to have multiple events, of course! We settled on a private and intimate dinner for those that had been intricately involved with Agatha over the course of her life and the second event was open to one and all. We even included a kid’s party to celebrate the many godchildren and young mentees in Agatha’s life.

After getting the invitations designed and printed, they made their way to mailboxes across the US. RSVPs were pouring in. Two people for Friday night. Five people for Saturday night. Three for the kids’ party. After securing a drop dead gorgeous party dress for Friday and funky and fly ensembles for Saturday, Agatha settled in as being the honoree. This allowed me to focus on my contracted event planner duties. I set my sights on picking a unique favor that represented the honoree. Each guest would receive a lovely set of two personalized glass coasters with a warming message of appreciation inserted. One of the satisfying things in planning this event was working with her in-laws, the Grimes family as the selected bakers and caterers for the events.

The catering was done by mother-in-law Lydia Grimes and sister-in-law Shonkia Grimes, sweets done by sister-in-law Kim Grimes and their entire family pitched in to ensure their area was a success. They provided a delicious pasta bar with shrimp, chicken and meat sauce, different pasta choices and savory sauce selections to top it off. This proved that families can indeed work together and perform an outstanding job for one another.

I outlined a program for Agatha’s approval and incorporated a few twists that wowed the audience. One delightful feature was Agatha’s dance entrance led by her son, DJ Martin. Her head table was set for her immediate family and one seat was specially wrapped to reflect the physical absence of her beloved father, the late Coleman Dawkins. While Agatha wished her father was there to celebrate this occasion, she was reminded how much he loved her throughout the night. Each program participant was strategically chosen and played their part better than it was imagined. The Friday program was mixed with fun and delight. One minute you were laughing and the next a tear leaked from your eye. Friday night captured the softer side of Agatha’s life story.

Saturday opened up with the kid’s party at Skateland USA and all the kids, toddlers to teenagers, had a ball! Even the parents enjoyed skating with their precious ones. Full off pizza and cupcakes, each child left with a personalized gift that included original and heartfelt words of encouragement that will not only remind them of dear “Aunt Aggie” or “Momma Agatha” but cheer them on to greatness. Eight o’clock in the evening arrived and it was time to party!!! Like many of us, Agatha had her share of fun with little to no boundaries and we tapped into that time through great music, funky fashion and entertaining surprises. Rodney Slade and DJ Horse Rainey had the party jumping with the old school classics and top line dances. The guests were greeted by a nine foot Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike that danced, juggled and wooed the crowd! We incorporated a “This is your life through fashion” segment that featured surprise models.

However for Agatha, Saturday night was topped off by a surprise guest in the form of her husband John, as he delivered his birthday greetings through his original rap to their favorite song , “Oh How I love You Girl” by D Train, complete with a self created line dance called “Ag”. Each moment was carefully captured by the awesome photography skills of Mike Legrand, a long time friend of Agatha. Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22, 2014 went down as the unforgettable “Agatha Grimes Great Gatsby Experience”.

Agatha has been fortunate to create and maintain some quality relationships over her 50 years of life. Needless to say, her close friends and family did not hesitate at the opportunity to serve and assist in any way possible. Whether it was assisting with the budget, greeting the guests or pouring drinks, the unselfishness of her circle was shown during the planning and execution of all her events. I give a special shout out to those with whom I worked directly and thank them for fulfilling their commitment to ensure the greatness of this endeavor. As an event planner, I know first hand how important your team is in the success or demise of an event. I am happy to say working with all parts of this grand affair was not always easy but was tremendously beneficial for me and my business. All the smiles and expressions of enjoyment reminded me why five years later, it’s still My Pleasure 2 Serve. It would be my pleasure 2 serve you as well! From event planning and management to and administrative needs, think about me – Monica Walker and My Pleasure 2 Serve, Inc. (336.279.0467,

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Torita Waller, Decorator (
Rodney Slade, DJ/Sound (
Mike Legrand, Photography (

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