Agnes Dural

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Agnes Dural

Agnes Dural

Agnes Aura of Dallas, TX has been creating artistic designs for over 25 years. She has a strong passion and love along with an inner gift for design. Her expertise includes a combination of Interior Decorating, Redesign, Staging, Event Design, and Floral Design. Agnes believes in a strong work ethic and a spirit of excellence is exemplified as a lifestyle.

Agnes describes herself as an Innovative thinker, initiative risk taker, and multi-dimensional professional with exceptional logical and analytical skills. She began manifesting her entrepreneur spirit after the death of her spouse in 2007. As a widow and single parent of three children, she was determined to provide the best life for herself and kids. Thus came A. Dural Staging and Design company was developed.

“The company was founded in 2018 after realizing my true passion for design and my inner desire to help others. Property staging allows me to extend my creativity while helping my clients achieve their goal to sell their properties. It is a rewarding journey to live my passion on a daily basis,” she shares. “Our typical clients are individuals, Listing Real Estate Agents, Investors, and Builders.

A. Dural Staging & Design is a Premier Staging & Design company serving the Dallas Metroplex area. It specializes in capturing the unique details and features of a Real Estate Property by using professional staging techniques that will cause a transformation any potential buyer is sure to fall in Love with. Agnes says their goal is to help lessen days a property is on the market and maximize equity (ROI).

Some of the services offered are Real Estate Premier Property Staging. This is the art used to maximize the architectural features of a property and transform the property into an environment that is appealing and cause an emotional connection with buyers. The process entails a combination of merchandising and arranging of furniture, wall art, and decorative accessories. This Includes vacant, and occupied staging. This is an attractive option for listing Real Estate Agents, Investors (flips), Builders (new construction), Individuals (for sale by owner).

Another service is Property Consultation, which is a comprehensive, step by step, customized recommendation for preparing a property for market. There is also the Property Walk Through feature. which offers a tour of a property and provides recommendations for preparing property for market while the client takes notes. Next is Redesign. Agnes says this the art of taking that which exist (furniture, wall art, décor) and transform the look, style, and feel of a space. This is also an attractive option for those looking for a trendy style, must have seen design, or simply desire a new and fresh look.

There is also an interior Decorating service that is offered which involves the art of planning the decorations and furnishings of the interior of a home, building, or office. “We can customize spaces aesthetically pleasing and functional based on your specified criteria’s,” Agnes says. “This is an attractive option for those who have recently remolded their home, purchased a new home, setting up a new office, or looking to furnish a new corporate property. We offer furniture, wall art, and decorative accessories to fully help decorate your environment,” she said.

“I love creating the prefect design plan for each property. Choosing color, style, and furnishings that enhances the major features of the property. It is such a rewarding feeling when everything comes together and results in lessening days for property on the market. My desire is to establish a successful and prominent business that I can leave to my kids and/or grand-kids is the driving force for what I do,” Agnes shares. “Success starts with the right attitude. Consistency is very important, and you must be aware of the obstacles that can either make you stronger or break you. I chose to be stronger!”

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