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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | September 15th, 2020
Aleta Danielle Realty (Photos by Bernard Smith Photography)

Aleta Danielle Realty (Photos by Bernard Smith Photography)

Aleta Danielle has always been interested in helping people. Encouraging others through tough decisions and supporting them in achieving their dreams is constantly on Danielle’s heart.
“I’ve had the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience, from various positions which have assisted in my development as a Realtor,” says Danielle.

She worked in Corporate America for over 20 years in various roles and gained the experience from each of those positions and applied them in serving her clients. When she assisted customers in the past, she wasn’t sure what the end goal would be. She was only a small part of the process and oftentimes left unfulfilled. Choosing real estate has been one of the best decisions she’s made.

In upstate South Carolina the housing market is red hot. The area has been booming within the last few years and Danielle is taking advantage of the opportunities. “With real estate, I’m involved beginning to end. That fulfillment is there because I’ve helped them attain a home,” Danielle explains.

In the Greenville/Spartanburg area, several Fortune 500 companies have relocated there due to the growth which has allowed homebuilders to increase their construction exponentially. With these large companies hiring, college students who have traveled here to attend one of the many colleges, stay and vie for those jobs upon graduation. Those same new grads will soon be in the market to purchase a new home and Danielle is ready to serve them.

The state of South Carolina also boasts 12 beaches. With this new pandemic that has confined families to their homes while working and schooling, living in a vacation home with warm sand at your feet has become a desire.

“As a Realtor, there are so many avenues to this position that I want to be able to accentuate about myself and the services I offer.”

Though it’s an interesting time, business is still flourishing. It’s certainly a seller’s market, as Agents have seen multiple offers on the same home and even homes selling within hours of going live. Neighborhoods are being built on every livable space one can think of which means the population is also increasing in record numbers.

When Danielle isn’t making dreams come true, she works from home as an Account Manager for UPS. The University of South Carolina Alum has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management and is taking steps to grow her brand using what she learned in college. The ability to work from home as well as set her own hours is quite beneficial to this mother of two.

“My three year old daughter can feel that I’m home more now. She and my 14 year old son love that we get to spend so much time together,” says Danielle.

Since venturing into a new arena she has learned that knowing how to manage yourself, having a solid plan, and pursuing your interests are the first things to consider. Most importantly, having strong faith has gotten her further than she could’ve ever imagined.

“Live your dreams, is my motto, because it’s never too late to do that. But use wisdom when making decisions. Be ready to think out of the box and then get out there and make things happen.”
A quote that Danielle admires is “Just as the Caterpillar thought the world was ending, she became a Butterfly.” -Barbara Haines

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