Alexandria Ford

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | November 16th, 2020
Alexandria Ford (Photos by David Gort)

Alexandria Ford (Photos by David Gort)

If ‘Just Do It’ was a person, Alexandria Ford would be the poster child. Ford is the reigning Miss Indiana University And will quite possibly go on to compete in the Miss Indiana pageant that feeds into the Miss America competition.

It’s unbelievable that Ford did not grow up on the pageant circuit. She participated in a small scholarship pageant as a senior in high school that focused on networking, confidence building, and tips for success in college. She proudly took home the first runner-up accolade but didn’t enter another pageant until her mother encouraged her while in college.

“My mom wanted me to do Miss IU for a while and since I was a senior, it was my last chance. Even though I didn’t have that much experience, it was really easy to understand the information to compete,” says Ford.

A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she spent time consulting with her sorority sister, who had previously earned the crown, to ensure she was competition ready. The most important aspect of the pageant is your social impact initiative and Ford was passionate created Female Empowerment; A Seat at the Table.

“It was all about empowering women, especially women of color. Because with my own experiences as a minority in business, it’s very important to instill that confidence especially at a young age.”

The queen thought of the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington and envisioned an after-school program for elementary school students. She planned to implement a mentorship and workshop opportunity to help girls learn about different careers. “Though they live in a college town, many of them never thought about attending college,” says Ford. The program would match the mentee with a mentor in the career field they wanted to explore. The senior presented her idea to the organization and they were excited to execute it. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic surfaced, and the program was postponed. She hopes to reignite it this fall.

Another significant category in pageants is talent. What do you do when you don’t necessarily have a traditional talent? You tap into your intellect and find the best part of you to showcase. Ford decided to display her public speaking skills with her own Ted Talk. She used her minute and a half time limit to discuss her female empowerment initiative.

Since winning the crown, Ford has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economic Consulting and International Business. She admits that economics isn’t her favorite, but it was very much needed to pursue a career in management consulting concentrating on Strategy and Operations. She had the ‘Just Do It’ mentality and she did just that. “Most people ask what my major means and it’s basically helping big businesses with strategic goals that they have. It involves modeling different market scenarios.”

Soon the graduate will be relocating to Chicago to work for Deloitte Consulting, with whom she interned for previously. Being a woman of color in an industry dominated by white males is challenging, but Ford has charged herself with changing the tides once she gets to work on the recruiting team. Her main goal is to help create an environment that more minorities would want to be a part of.

After serving as Miss Indiana University, Ford plans to continue her efforts while working in Chicago. She was recently accepted at the Wharton School of Business’ Advance Access Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she will pursue an MBA, after working for 2-4 years. Her idea is to continue her mentorship with an organization with the same interests. “Hopefully I can help other young girls reach what they want to do in their life.” If she has Alexandria Ford on her team, she’ll be well on her way.

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