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by Terry Watson | August 5th, 2011
James and Deborah

James and Deborah (Photo by Greg Allen)

James and Deborah dated for two years before getting married. Now 11 years later, as they serve God as deacons and ushers at their home church of Mount Peace Baptist Church in Raleigh, they also strive to live a life that will exalt God and lead others to finding Christ. Quoting their pastor, Dr. James V. Terry words, “When you said all you know, it’s time to go” they journey seems far from done.

James is a native of Dunn NC. He moved to Raleigh at an early age along with his family. After receiving his formal schooling there, he moved to Long Island New York and worked as a plumbers assistant. Nearly 14 years later he moved back to Raleigh and got married. He decided to raise his family in Raleigh becasue the area offered greater opportunities, and because he got a job with a local railroad company that allowed him to purchased his first home.
Life was looking up for James as he traveled along the east coast with his job on the railroad. He experienced a lot of things, but due to an injury on his job, he retired early in 1991. He then decided to explore the opportunity to be his own boss and opened a laundromat in Durham, Plaza Laundromat. He operated this venture for five years and moved back to Raleigh and took a job as a delivery driver for Carolina Builders for a year.
Still bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, James really wanted to be his own boss and found another way to do it. He had worked with Community Cab Company as an independent driver from 2000 until 2008. In 2009, he finally started his own taxi cab business, All Time Transportation. James says he loves being self employed because he has the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, and because he is able to serve people from all walks of life. The relationships formed have lasted a lifetime and he says quite often he receives gifts and thank you notes from those he meets and serves while driving. “I like the business because it has allowed me to better support my family and meet my needs,” says James. If he could have done anything different, James says he would have invested in real estate and traveled the world more. He says he wants to help people who are in need and leave a legacy for others to follow.

Deborah is a native of Franklin County, Virginia. She received her formal education in Roanoke Virginia before moving to Raleigh in 1992. Her purpose of relocating was to find a better job. However, she met an individual along her journey, James, and would eventually marry him in 1999. With so many things in common, the one thing that united them was the desire to be self employed. As she worked several jobs, including as a taxi cab driver with Associated Cab Company, Deborah and James decided to make the jump and start their own business, Associated Transportation.
Deborah says she loves the freedom to come and go as she wants to. She likes meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences. As a driver and business owner, the ups and downs can be thrilling and challenging Deborah says, and she remains focused on learning new ways to grow their company.

Other what she is doing now, Deborah says she would be love to have an occupation that would allow her to cook. She describes herself as creative and ambitious and believes that with the help of James, All Time Transportation will continue to grow and be one of the most dependable transportation companies in North Carolina.

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