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Ellen Richardson | July 19th, 2021
Alton Edmond

Alton Edmond

Althea McIntyre is the founder and CEO of Althea McIntyre International. Her focus is to help established Christ-Centered Female Coaches, Consultants, and Experts own their value. Most importantly, she helps her clients fully monetize their God-given gifts and grow profitable Spirit-led businesses.

A former resident of Washington, D.C., but now back home in Chicago, IL, Althea has been coaching professionally since 2005. Before then, she worked as a Corporate Certified Public Accountant for nine years. She received her coaching training and certification from The Coaches Training Institute and obtained a Masters in Organization Development, with an emphasis in Leadership Development from Loyola University Chicago.

“I am a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified service provider. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with close friends and family, ministering in dance, indulging in the latest fashion trends, working out, reading, and traveling internationally; particularly Jamaica, the native home of my parents,” she says.

The products and services offered by Althea McIntyre International are designed for established Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs who are seeking a stronger faith and making a real impact through their business, all while bringing in more profits. Althea says she landed her first client by sharing her new career direction with 100 members in her personal and professional network. That was then; now, her reach has grown significantly. Presently, Althea coaches and mentors clients through On-Demand Training, Private Business Coaching, Group Masterminds, and In-Person Business Retreats. These events often occur at luxury hotels around the world.

Being self-employed has its advantages. Althea says she loves the opportunities to partner with God and make a living utilizing her God-given gifts. “I am grateful for all that I am. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives trust God more and increase their incomes doing meaningful work they love. As I witness my clients’ success and transformation, I know that I am showing up in the truest form that God has planned for me. That alone inspires me to continue to rise to my next challenge and God-given assignment,” she says.

Life has presented several challenges to Althea also. She was blessed with amazing parents and being raised in a happy and loving home. She learned about the love of God at an early age and applied these principles to the way she lives her life. So it was an easy decision for her to move back home to Chicago from Washington, D.C., to be one of her father’s caregivers after he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. She was only returning the love that shaped her life. That is just the kind of person Althea is.

For anyone who is considering entering the world of entrepreneurship, Althea offers some wise advice. “Don’t go at it alone. Partner with God in your business and learn how to trust Him with your business. Be obedient to His instruction. Also, hire a business coach to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. Doing it alone is the hard way,” says Althea.

Moving forward, Althea reveals God has shared some of His plans for her business with her, which she’s excited about. “In many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started. I know God’s best is yet to come. I just launched a free Online Training course called ‘How To Enroll Ideal High-end clients with one Spirit-Led call, email, or conversation’. I also have a book that is scheduled to be released this fall. I’m excited to see the impact it has,” she shares.

To learn more about Althea McIntrye International, please visit her website.

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