Alyssa Space

Dorjae' McClammey | September 20th, 2021
Alyssa Space

Alyssa Space

For Alyssa Space, beauty and ambition go hand in hand. She is the owner, and founder of ForHerCosmetics, a cosmetics line for women that strives to diversify the beauty industry and inspire the next generation of chemists and entrepreneurs. What started in the kitchen of her mother’s home has blossomed into a 350 square foot lab in the heart of Detroit, MI, also known as MySpaceLaboratories. There, Alyssa formulates each all-natural lip gloss, lipstick, body shimmer, eyeshadow, and highlighter with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Alyssa was born in Chicago, IL, however, she grew up in metro Detroit. After high school, she enrolled at Michigan State University and then studied chemistry, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Science. Even a child, Alyssa was fascinated with beauty. This passion would follow her through college. In 2017, she began working on her cosmetics line, and by the time Mothers Day arrived the following year, her brand, ForHerCosmetics, had made its official debut.

Alyssa explained that as a woman of darker complexion, she struggled with finding pigments and colors that worked for her undertone. Because of this, she took the initiative and created a line that was inclusive to women of color, especially those of a darker complexion. “When I created this line, I wanted to make sure I found a red lipstick that I would feel comfortable and confident in,” she shares.

ForHerCosmetics has seven all-natural vegan product lines in total. Its first line is their well-known lipstick and lipgloss made with a byproduct of beeswax, along with a loose pigment highlighter and eyeshadow. They just released a new foundation line in June 2021, and in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, they also produced a hand sanitizer. They have also created a luxury lash line called ForHer Lashes that comes in six different styles.

Alyssa shares how she loves the reaction she receives from her clients and admits that ForHerCosmtics would not exist without her team’s commitment. “When I first started my company, it was just my mom and me in their laundry room. Now I have a full team that helps with formulation, product fulfillment, pop-up events. With their support, I can keep my clients connected and informed. “They are the best. We are a little family,” she shares.

Since launching in 2018, ForHerCosmetics has accomplished a great deal. They just partnered with Not Sorry Goods in Ferndale, Michigan to have their products showcased in their store. Their line has been showcased on several online platforms such as ‘Detroit is the New Black’ and the ‘Black Expo.’

Alyssa has received grants which helped to fund her non-profit, MySpaceLaboratories. Founded in 2019, MySpaceLaboratories is a 501c3 organization that focuses specifically on chemistry and cosmetic programs for kids. Their goal is to help kids around Detroit expand their education in STEM programs. “Since I am a chemist, I wanted to create a pathway for girls to learn about science and STEM,” she says. MSL recently received a $25,000 grant. This support allowed them to include an additional 450 students and share their program with schools and other programs throughout Detroit. These such programs were the YMCA of Detroit, the Rhonda Walker Foundation, Michigan Science Center, and Downtown Boxing Youth Program. They also invited readers to its first fundraiser that will take place at Top Golf in Auburn Hills on October 31st.

When asked what inspires her, she credits the women she has helped. “I love to see women feel beautiful in their skin, and with our product’s ability to enhance their natural beauty, I am encouraged to continue on this journey,” she says.

Her advice to anyone who may follow in her footsteps is this. “Whatever you decide to invest your time or energy in, make sure that you love it and give it your best. When you do that, you are going to be fulfilled. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t love what I was doing. If you have a passion that you love ,and you want to invest your time in, do it 110%, and it will love you back.”

Moving forward, Alyssa says the goal for MySpaceLaboratories is to impact over 20,000 students within the next five to seven years. As for ForHerCosmetics, she hopes to gain one million customers. These are some impressive goals, but she appears to be well equipped to meet them. “It’s encouraging to know that one day, maybe these kids I am blessed to work with will grow up and say, “I worked with ForHerCosmetics, and now I’m a doctor or CEO of a hospital! That’s inspiring for me,” Alyssa says.

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