Amanda Eaddy McKeithan

by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Amanda Eaddy McKeithan

Amanda Eaddy McKeithan

Writing to Amanda Eaddy McKeithan is second nature. She compares it to the blood that flows through her veins. It gives her life.

The wife and mother of two describes herself as someone who is free-spirited, optimistic, and risk-taking storyteller. Originally from Richmond, VA, she is an educator at heart and has been on a lifelong quest to creatively change the world, in many ways. She is a writer, editor, and author with eight books under her belt.

“Whenever I edit, proofread, or ghostwrite for a client, I am using my creative gifts with the goal of making the world a better place, one word at a time. Words are super important to me. I believe that we can either heal or kill with our words. As a ‘wordsmith’, I strive to encourage, inspire, and put some fire under people to go after the life that they deserve,” she says.

Amanda is also a business owner and the face of The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm. “Originally, the name was A Creative Solution. I started it in 2015 and changed it to The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm in 2019. I published my first book in 2010 and found that I loved helping others creatively share their stories as well. The more I was asked to write for someone, the more I realized that I had a business in me,” she shares.

The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm offers editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, and creative assisting services for authors and busy professionals. If it needs to be written, it can be done by them. Whether it be manuscripts to creating slogans, to contracts, Amanda can do it all. She also provides tutoring services (on site and virtual) for elementary and secondary students. She has also incorporated another component into her business, StoryTime with Amanda that is geared for young authors who need reviews and exposure for their new titles.

Amanda has a genuine love for writing and helping others. With writing, she shares how she enjoys seeing someone’s story or idea come to life through her storytelling abilities. “Storytelling is my superpower. Ghostwriting is everything. It is a lot of work, but when I can get to the end of a project, and my clients are pleased, it’s so fulfilling. Every time I get positive feedback, it encourages me to keep walking towards my purpose. There is nothing greater than knowing why you were created.”

Amanda graciously shares who gave her the opportunity to walk in her purpose. “God, of course. I am thankful for this gift that I have been given. God has been the best brainstormer and vision giver. Every life experience I’ve had, I can write about. They’ve impacted me personally and professionally. Each experience has made me a better storyteller and provoked the release of my creativity,” she says.

As a author and businesswoman, Amanda has faced her share of challenges. With most writes, there is a constant battle of “writers block”. And for Amanda, it hits her from time to time. “I struggle with procrastination. Though I have great vision, sometimes, I have poor follow through, mainly because I am a low-key perfectionist who desires to make everyone happy. That approach has proven to be sort of a downfall. “I struggle with rejection, and as a result it keeps me from taking even bigger risks and reaching for higher opportunities for my writing career and business,” she says.

Though Amanda’s journey has faced its share of pitfalls and stumbling blocks, she remains optimistic and always seeks to encourage others. Her advice to aspiring writers and authors and writers is authentic and very clear. “Go for it. You must stop over thinking and write that book because your story matters. Someone is waiting on your truth and your transparency will save their life. Your story will offer them hope and encouragement; two vitally important tools that will show them to press through the hard stuff. Life will continuously present tough and rigorous challenges.
Through my story and determination to succeed, I hope to show someone that no matter how traumatic things may get, you must not quit. Lastly, set an intention and stick with it. You must rid yourself of distractions and not be affected by the opinions of others. The vision is yours, and they might not be able to see it, and that is okay. Do it anyway,” she says.

Moving forward, Amanda plans for The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm to launch a creative arts preschool. She will also launch Just Amanda Productions and StoryTelling in RVA Films. At the end of the day, Amanda wants to create “dope stories” that change the way people do life. She says, “In the end, nothing I desire to hear more than for God to say, ““I knew you were the baddest storyteller in the land. You survived all that earthly mess, with a pen in your hand”.

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