Aminah Williams

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Aminah Williams

Aminah Williams

The decision to seek counseling is a unique journey for everyone, and taking the first step is the biggest step of all. Aminah R. Williams of St. Louis, MO has launched a practice that is designed to help people deal with life’s everyday issues. She is the owner of Root To Crown Counseling.

Aminah is a graduate of Lindenwood University. There she received her formal education and eventually was licensed as a professional counselor by the state of Missouri. Root To Crown Counseling and Wellness began in 2019. Aminah shares, “I love helping people as well as building relationships. I am passionate about serving my community, advocacy work, trauma, and birth justice work, and enjoy spending time listening to music, baking & gardening. My happy place is with my family and spending quality time with them is important to me,” she shares. “As a licensed therapist, my goal in practice is to validate my client’s experiences while providing tools to root through life’s uncertainties with power and positivity. At any moment, trials or triumphs can happen. I believe they are meant to teach us and allow us to strengthen our unique selves. You must affirm yourself, love yourself, and permit yourself to heal. You are your best teacher, and I am just here to guide you along this journey to a more rooted you.”

Some of the services offered and addressed by Aminah are Depression and Mood Disorders, Anger Management, Couples, Trauma Survivors. Anxiety, Grief, Women’s Issues, Parenting Support, Racial Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Life Coaching, LGBTQI, Perinatal Mood Disorders, Relationship Issues, Stress, and Life Transitions.

One tool in Aminah’s arsenal is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With this, she addresses relationships between thoughts, feelings, and actions that may cause distress in someone’s life. Individuals will become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking and respond to challenging situations more effectively. Thoughts affect how you feel and how you behave. Forms of Cognitive Behavior Therapy are used to treat many facets of Trauma.

Another tool she utilizes is Solution Focused Therapy. This tool focuses on finding solutions and understanding the presenting problem. Aminah will help her clients by using motivational interviewing, which is designed to help her clients learn to recognize their strengths and skills through the therapy process.

Aminah says she doesn’t want anyone that requires her services to discourage by the cost for them. She says, “A typical counseling session from a Licensed Professional Counselor ranges from $65-$150, depending on the area and type of therapy. I provide a sliding scale, to help make things easier for those with the inability to afford the session. It is my goal to make counseling accessible and affordable for everyone and I often work out mutual agreements with all of my clients to make sure everyone can receive the help they need.”

To learn more about the services offered by Root To Crown Counseling & Wellness, or to schedule a session with Aminah, please contact her directly or visit her website.

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