An Everyday Woman With A Purpose

by Tonya Dixon | May 10th, 2014
Marilyn G. Brooks (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Marilyn G. Brooks (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Marilyn G. Brooks spent years of her life in total misunderstanding and uncertainty of her life’s purpose. She was certain of her call into ministry and knew she was an educator, yet she was lost in an identity crisis. Increasingly she had a longing to know and do what she was created to do. The more she searched, the more she understood her divine purpose.

Brooks’ journey of self-discovery and purpose led to the liberation of other women through her calling. “I reasoned that if I was lost in purpose and identity then certainly I wasn’t the only one. There had to be other women going through the same thing,” says Brooks. “I started talking to other women and realized that we were all going through the same thing. We were all just regular or everyday women but we have a purpose.” She noticed women were in search of something, but didn’t truly know exactly what it was they sought.

Her profound realization over 25 years ago was the foundation for the organization and empowerment workshops, Everyday Women with a Purpose. In 1999, the Greensboro native held her first workshop in her home. With just a few women and even some adolescent girls, she began having workshops with the purpose of empowering women to not only discover their purpose, but to also operate in it. However, there was a problem, she would consistently ask a series of questions—what is your purpose and what are you supposed to be doing? She noticed a pattern of hearing the same answers. The women almost certainly answered with, “I’m a wife. I’m a mother or I’m a sister.” They almost unanimously couldn’t identify themselves apart from what other people or society said about them. Somehow the women had adopted everybody else’s opinion of who they were, but never took the time to discover for themselves. Brooks decided she had to ask different questions: Who did the creator create you to be? What are your skills? What would you like to do if everything was perfect and you had your way? From there the empowerment series began to grow and swell with women in pursuit of their purpose.

Today multiple topics are covered, but one of her favorites include, The Merchant Ship Female, which probes Proverbs 31 in the Bible and focuses on the woman as an entrepreneur and leader. Additional workshop topics run the gamut from, Are You Addicted to the Need to be Loved to It’s Time to Let it Go to Take off the Mask. They are simply practical applications of Biblical principles.

Her life experience and education (she has degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro College and will be receiving a Master of Theology in less than a month) is what makes her a highly sought after facilitator. Brooks has traveled hundreds of miles conducting Everyday Women with a Purpose empowerment seminars in various settings. Although she works as a full-time 3rd grade teacher, she uses every available opportunity to share with women. She is often invited to lead seminars for women’s groups, churches, schools and everything in between. Nevertheless, her purpose includes much more. Also an author, storyteller and education advocate, she knows without a shadow of a doubt that the organization is what has propelled her into other areas of her life that she was created to do. She has written two books, Come Out of Your Cocoon and another, Finding Your Voice, is slated to be released later this year.

Surprising herself, Brooks who is an ordained Apostle, has become an avid storyteller. She uses custom-made puppets to encourage women as well as children; the latter of which she recognizes needs self-esteem empowerment. Her newest puppet, Sasha, hasn’t made an official debut, but when she does the only thing the life-sized “everyday woman” will want to do is tell her story. It’s Brooks’ way of encouraging women to be courageous enough to speak their own truth. Brooks plans to continue to use Everyday Women with a Purpose, her books, storytelling, puppets and every avenue possible to liberate and free women in their mind, spirit and body so they can operate in purpose.

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