Anetra Johnson

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Anetra Johnson

Anetra Johnson

Anetra Johnson of Richmond, VA describes herself as a multifaceted mother who is passionate about empowering and uplifting women. Her strategy is simple. She wants women to see the beauty that they possession, internally and externally and she does this by encouraging them to be brave, bold, and unapologetic about who they are, what they want, and how they express themselves.

Anetra is also passionate about encouraging everyone to invest in themselves in the areas that are most beneficial in imploring growth and accountability.
Career wise, Anetra is an entrepreneur and owner of Nee Chic Styles. She is also a Personal Wardrobe Stylist that assists women with marketing and expressing themselves through their wardrobe and style. “Clothing and style are catalysts that provide confidence,” she says. “I work diligently to ensure that my clients are interested, open, and evolving along with the industry. I am always learning and listening, so that I can offer my clients the best possible service for themselves and their brands.”

One of the services offered by Nee Chic Styles is a Personal In Store or Online Shopper. Anetra says this ensures her clients likes and dislikes are known through a discovery and consultation period, which allows both the provider and the client the opportunity to engage with one another, which promises a better experience and relationship. Another service is In Home Shopping. This incorporates items already within women’s closets for new, inspiring looks.

An additional service is what Anetra describes as Closet Audit. It is executed through determining her clients style and body type, purging pieces that do not suit the client and her brand, then proceeding to remove those items for donation, sale, or disposal.

Finally, there is the service that Anetra describes as Capsule Wardrobe. With this service she uses existing and staple items within women’s closets to create new and interesting looks. “The goal of the Capsule is to be a minimalist,” she shares.

“Beginning in the first quarter of 2020, I will be relaunching my brand and services to include subscriptions for clients which will incorporate my existing services, but will also expand to include services with more access to me and contributions from retailers in the Richmond area,” she said.

Anetra started her business in 2014 out of her love for style and fashion. That love grew into her wanting to share her knowledge and skills with others. “When I first started, I was working with a very talented, local photographer on headshots and branding sessions for men, women, and children. It was a great experience and I met many wonderful and successful people during that time. I am grateful for that time and experience,” she says. Since then, her vision has taken her to feats she never imagined.

Though her list of clients is constantly growing, Anetra finds joy in being connected to everyone who seeks her services. “Some people believe they cannot afford my services, but are amazed when they learn that is not true,” she says.

Anetra shares that her life and career has been mostly impacted by her late father. “My family and I lost him suddenly two and half years ago and his absence has reshaped my perspective on what is meaningful in life. He was a successful entrepreneur for many years and I witnessed first-hand his drive, dedication, and tremendous work ethic which has resonated with me and propelled me to be just as driven and committed. After his passing, I took about a year off. I was not in an emotional nor mental state to focus on my career. I wanted and needed to grieve and mourn the void, and adjust. I want to make him proud and hope that he is smiling from up above and nodding in approval as he sees me navigate through life and my business. He is my Guardian Angel,” she says.

Moving forward, Anetra plans to grow her business both state-wide, country-wide, virtually and internationally. She also plans to have her own shoe line in the future. “I love clothing, handbags and accessories, but shoes have always been my obsession. I want to design looks that are truly inspired by me and my creativity,” she said.

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