Angelene & Perry Hill

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Perry & Angelene Hill (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Perry & Angelene Hill (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Christianity looks different in different areas. Ministering, pastoring and preaching follows suit. If anyone knows how to navigate and relate to different people and different styles of worship its Pastors Perry and Angelene Hill. From Nebraska to Germany to Oklahoma to Georgia and Colorado then back to Germany, the two former U.S. military and federal government employees have faithfully served their country, as well as their Lord.

Beginning in 1992, the Fayetteville, N.C. natives spent 15 years pastoring a military church in Germany. The ministry was under the Church of God in Christ governing body in connection with the military. Although designed and instituted especially for members of the military, local German civilians often joined the congregation. There was nothing average or typical about their assimilated congregation, but to the Hills it was an amazing testament to the universal message and power of Christianity. “It was very refreshing and encouraging. It made us aware that it wasn’t your everyday cultural church setting,” said Angelene. “We learned to accommodate different cultures and people that worshipped God in different forms. One person may raise their hands in worship while another might be more jubilant. We embraced the different cultural types of worship. It was good for the natives as well as the Americans.”

As the senior pastor, Perry says that it took some time getting used to delivering a sermon with an interpreter if locals were involved in the service. “You had to wait for the interpretation and the interpreter had to be as enthusiastic as you were,” he said. “We learned how to deliver a message in all different forms and fashions. However, it was a great experience to see the same spirit and God move on different people even though they all didn’t speak the same language.”
Nonetheless, there were military-related issues that the pair had to adjust to dealing with that wouldn’t be as prevalent in standard churches. Spouses were often left alone while their counterparts served their country in a foreign land. The associated temptations and issues were constant causes for counseling and teaching sessions. “It’s easy to introduce infidelity in that type of environment,” said Angelene. However, as a military wife herself, she was able to relate to the women and understand their unique perspectives, as could Perry with the men.

While members were committed to their faith they were also committed to their country and station, which often meant, due to the rotation cycle of the military, the church experienced large amounts of families joining and leaving the ministry every three years. It seemed by the time the pastors and congregants got used to one another a rotation would occur and they had to constantly prepare themselves to minister to new people and often, new problems.

Pastoring the church in Hohenfels, Germany, in addition to Angelene’s seven-month stent as an interim pastor of a military-only church, was training ground for the ministering duo. The Lord began preparing them for the time in which they wouldn’t be pastoring, but still preaching and teaching the Gospel. In 1997, A Ray of Hope Ministries was birthed in Nuremberg, Germany. As the Hills transitioned back to the U.S., the new ministry took root and nearly 20 years later it has grown and expanded throughout North Carolina and across the United States.

“When we came back to the U.S., I pastored a church in Mooresville, N.C. for about four years. During that time God took us to another level in prayer,” said Angelene. “God would get us up early in the mornings for intercessory prayers and conference call prayers. That was 10 years ago and we still do it to this day. Bits and pieces of the ministry we do now originated during that time.”

The Hills spent many years as faithful pastors and shepherds of churches, but God called A Ray of Hope Ministries beyond the four walls of a traditional church. They describe the ministry as “a bit of everything” for the Lord. “We literally take church with us. God has given A Ray of Hope Ministries a special anointing for prayer. We love doing prayer vigils or what used to be called shut-ins,” said Angelene. “We were recently called out to California to do a 72-hour shut-in. We went in at 6 p.m. on a Thursday and left at 6 a.m. on Sunday. It was beyond powerful.”

Through the ministry, the Hills organized what they call The Prayer Chapel. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:15 a.m. believers from across the country unite together in prayer for 15 minutes via conference call in order to command what the Lord has designed for that day. In fact, the prayer is called, “Divine Aligning Your Day.” The Prayer Chapel: “Where Intercessors are Developed” occurs every Sunday morning from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Coordinated by Angelene, the goal of the prayer time is to intercede on behalf of others.

Having studied intercessory prayer, the Hills believe God has revealed unto them the premise of intercessory prayer so that they can reveal it unto others. “We also spend time with those who show interest in being intercessors, teaching them and giving instruction via the prayer line. Intercessory prayer is different it’s not just about me and my four and no more,” said Angelene. “The prayers are focused on the world and society at large, political situations and whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to pray about.”

Although A Ray of Hope Ministries takes the Hills across the country sharing the Gospel, they are both active members of New Dimensions COGIC in Mebane, N.C. and both lead various ministries within the church and humbly submit to leadership. A non-denominational ministry, A Ray of Hope conference call prayers are open to anyone and everyone seeking to gain a greater relationship and knowledge of God. According to the Hills, prayer is one tool that God has given unto believers to literally change situations and circumstances.

“The condition of the world is why God has called for intercessors. The enemy has caused us to become so busy that typically if anything gets pushed to the side its God,” said Angelene. “However, it’s a trick; we have to get back on the wall and in prayer. The scripture says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

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