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by Terry Watson | January 8th, 2012
Sonya Sibley

Sonya Sibley (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Sonya Norcott Sibley is the owner of Anointed Hands Hair Salon, and the founder of Ladies of Beauty Mentoring Program. She is the wife of Pastor Reginald Sibley of Eternal Life Global Ministries and the mother of Chad and Nicolas. She attended James B. Dudley High School in Greensboro and obtained her cosmetology license from Carolina Beauty College in 1994. Two days after graduation, she began her career as a hair stylist and opened Annointed Hands in 2009.

As a stylist Sibley says her business is very intimate and family oriented. The atmosphere of the salon is the direct reflection of who she is and the visions that she has set forth in her life. “I am a people person and value that life is about friends and fellowship,” she says. “My company thrives on respect, dignity, and professionalism. Many of my clients have traveled with me through my search to establish my foundation. My clients share the same values and are committed to an outreach of word of mouth in my success of competing with the next generation of clientele.”

Over the past 18 years of being a stylist, Sibley states she has truly had some challenges. Operating a business and maintaining it is a challenge all by itself. Knowing how to budget the money coming in daily verses someone getting a check every week or two weeks is difficult. She states that if a person’s mind set is not programmed to put that money in the bank daily you may overspend.

Although this is a business, Sibley shares her successes with her clients by meeting their needs not only in a beauty perception, but also by celebrating accomplishments and special events with their families, jobs, and personal endeavors. As humble as Sibley is, she states that in a perfect world she would be much obliged to shadow the high status of her business. She doesn’t feel that her shop is better than others but rather that her salon has a uniqueness that sets it apart from others. “Compassion for others and their individual needs along with privacy in the mist of maintaining a profitable business are a large part of the growth that I have experienced as a professional,” Sibley explains. “The salon is place that my clients (family) has expressed they can call home and a safe haven.” There is a connection she has with her clients that allows them to understand and know each other’s needs based on a simple look or passing glance.

In October of 2011, she developed Ladies of Beauty, a mentoring program designed to equip young ladies with low self-esteem, to help girls achieve their highest, God-given potential, making them better individuals, and citizens. It is designed for young ladies ages of 13 and up. It’s focused on empowering positive change in the lives of girls by allowing them to know that they can be the best that they can be.
The vision of Ladies of Beauty is to equip young ladies with low self-esteem, to help girls achieve their highest, God-given potential, making them better individuals, and citizens. Veronica Foster of Behind the Scenes will teach etiquette, Veronica Norcott will teach health and beauty, and Frannie Surgeon will teach the importance of nutrition, Tamika Harris will provide instruction on leadership. Others will provide instructions of financial literacy, real life preparations and many more topics that will empower the girls to be all they can be. “Encouraging young women to discover their dreams, to believe their future holds endless possibilities and empowers them to make it happen,” Sibley states.

The programs mission is to implement life skills through educational sessions, motivational speaking and outside experiences that will inspire and motivate the young ladies. As a result, she says they will grow and develop within as individuals as her staff intervenes and intercede with their knowledge to naturally encourage them to live beyond their obstacles and dream bigger than they have ever imagined.
Sibley says she has always understood the importance of giving and supporting her community. Having spent a lot of time working with Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency she decided that she would like to do something to support the services the agency does for its clients. She knew they had suffered some budget cuts. She then began coordinating an annual Sweat Out My Curls for Sickle Cell Walk by forming a team of area beauticians, barbers, business sponsors and others. The inaugural walk will take this place year on Saturday, April 14, 2012 beginning at 5:00pm.

Sibley says that when it is all said and done, she wants to leave an impression on others and encourage them to become more involved in their communities and help others who are in need. She says that by her own actions she hopes that she can change the outlook on life for others and promote personal growth among young ladies and women.

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