Antonio Tolson

by Terry Watson | May 13th, 2016
Antonio Tolson (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Antonio Tolson (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Antonio Tolson is a native of Washington, D.C. and the youngest and only boy of his parents. He moved to Charlotte N.C. in June of 2013, and married Tonya, the person who had encouraged and supported his dreams for so long. As his life began to evolve so did his interest the welfare of others in and around his community.

He is the founder of Women Empowerment- a organization that focuses on giving women relationship advice and guidance that will help them to gain self-confidence and work towards meaningful and healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Antonio also leads a mentoring group whose goal is to help at-risk youth realize their potential and move toward goal setting by providing them with tools that will help them be successful in the future. Additionally, he has launched a campaign geared towards Breast Cancer Awareness, after a family member was diagnosed. His passion is very strong about this cause, so much so that he has decided to host a gala beginning this year, and every year to follow that will raise money for Susan G. Komen Foundation and a honor cancer survivors. This years gala, Harlem Nights For The Cure, is planned for August 13th.

To no surprise being that he holds a degree in Psychology and is currently working on a degree in Organizational Security and Management, Tolson felt the need to do more. Tolson’s organization, From A Different Cloth, began after having a conversation with a good friend. “I was discussing with them about some of the powerful men that I have watched over the years, such as Steve Harvey and Eric Thomas to just name a few. I loved how they impacted people in various ways. I was already speaking, giving advice and helping people get to their true selves in my circle, so I decided to pursue a degree and help people empower themselves,” says Tolson.

Tolson enjoys being able to reach women on a personal level. “I show them they are worthy enough to receive the love that is waiting for them. If they are in a current situation that seems to be difficult or detrimental, I try to give them the encouragement to work through their difficulties. This can include showing them a way out,” he says.

On the mentoring side, Tolson finds enjoyment in mentoring young men by providing them with personal advice and guidance. By being transparent, he hopes it helps to prevent them from making some of the same mistakes he has made in life.

After seeing a family member battle cancer and witness first hand the rampage the disease can inflict on someone’s overall mind and body, it is important for him to use his platform to raise awareness and funds and help others who may be afflicted also.

Tolson is inspired by those who are willing to press forward and fulfill their life’s’ destiny. He believes that is everyone’s obligation to help others. He is only doing what others have provided him with and believes that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of others. He is also inspired by Eddie Love, CPC who has encouraged and pushed him to do more. “Whenever there is an opportunity, Eddie makes sure I have a great role in it. He has and continues to give me great advice on how to improve for not only myself, but for my brand as well.

Tolson plans to release a book in June 2016 titled, ‘Inner to Outer: Ways To Discover And Love Yourself So You Can Love Others’. He is planning to conduct more speaking engagements and relationship panels.

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