Apostle Regina McNeill

by Tonya Dixon | January 10th, 2014
Apostle Regina McNeill (Photos by Regina McNeil)

Apostle Regina McNeill (Photo by Regina McNeil)

Apostle Regina McNeill has endured more than her fair share of hurt, heartache, pain and turmoil throughout her life. She has not only endured but she has overcome and survived to unapologetically tell her true story without bitterness, anger or unforgiveness in her heart. She is stronger and wiser for every one of her trials and tribulations. It’s no wonder she stands firmly on the scripture, Romans 8:28, which says, “…All things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

McNeill was raised in a Christian home with both parents present. They were even considered pillars in their Marion, South Carolina community. Her father owned his own prominent business, Arthur Davis Construction Company for many years. Her mother worked as a nurse (on 3rd shift) for over fifteen years as well. This left her to take on more adult responsibilities and basically erased any opportunity to be child. “I had to cook and clean, leaving me to be mature before my time,” she says. “I had to handle and carry some issues before I even knew what they meant.”

At the tender age of five years old, McNeill became the victim of sexual molestation by a close family member. The abuse was traumatizing and caused her a great deal of confusion. She kept her secret hidden for over 20 years. She carried it like a wounded soldier from the battlefield, except her wound didn’t heal. It was only after she had a real encounter with Jesus Christ that she allowed Him to turn her open wound into a scar of triumph over tragedy. Nevertheless, before McNeill had a head on collision with her saving grace, her confusion morphed into bitterness, anger and isolation. She became very stoic and indifferent and eventually extremely promiscuous. “I was looking for love in all the wrong places and loosing myself at the same time,” she says. “I was always telling and living a lie. I was crying on the inside but nobody could hear my tears. Nobody truly understood or knew what was going on.” Her parents’ schedules made it nearly impossible for them to hear their daughter’s silent screams.

As McNeill aged she became numb to the pain of the abuse, but her premature exposure to sexual feelings left her in the precarious position of wanting something she couldn’t quite comprehend. Her life was spiraling out of control. She desired attention and affection and when she couldn’t get the appropriate attention she needed at home, she sought it out from men. It was the beginning of a dysfunctional cycle. At 13 years old, she found herself pregnant, after her very first sexual encounter and utterly afraid. She tried to run way, but the issue remained. Ultimately she wasn’t given an option. She would have an abortion no matter what. Her parents were furious to say the least and touted they wouldn’t raise another child and the unborn baby’s father, who was much older and about to begin college didn’t want the child. McNeill’s opinion wasn’t a factor in the situation. She was dropped off at the clinic by her boyfriend and left to face the procedure all alone. On their way home, he dropped McNeill off and subsequently told her he never wanted to see her again. The pain she incurred was indescribable. She retaliated by purposely hurting other men in relationship after relationship. Bitterness and anger mounted.

Despite the off-the-cuff life McNeill led she always enjoyed the consistency that church brought to her inconsistent life. “Every Sunday my mother made us go to church; no matter what happened throughout the week. Ironically, it kept me grounded and I enjoyed the routine aspect of it,” says McNeill. “That was the day I looked forward to. Out of all the madness it made sense. That was the one consistent thing that I could count on. It brought some saneness to my life.”

It wouldn’t be long before McNeill realized it wasn’t just church that eased her mind, rather it was the peace of Jesus Christ. Invited by her mother to a revival one night, she gave her life to Christ at 20 years old and has been in hot pursuit of her purpose through Him since that great day. Although she didn’t know it and was already involved in a relationship, she was introduced to her future husband –Wayne McNeill—that same night. He was already an ordained minister and McNeill would eventually begin to follow her calling and minister the Gospel at 25 years old. Shortly thereafter, during a women’s conference, in which she was speaking, McNeill divulged the abuse, hurt and pain that she experienced so long ago. Her admittance provided a cathartic relief. It was also her mother’s introduction to the world of hurt her daughter endured.

From that moment McNeill began a process toward allowing forgiveness to flood her heart and bitterness and anger to be uprooted. She has spent her life ministering alongside her husband of 22 years and her three sons through evangelism and pastoring. Apostles McNeill are known for their dynamic tag team approach in ministering the word of God at Kingdom Life International Ministries in Greensboro. Their path in ministry has been a complete faith walk, but McNeill says it was absolutely necessary. For a solid year the ministry didn’t see any growth. The church consisted of both McNeills and their three sons. Nevertheless, she says God remained faithful and began adding exponentially; so much so that they had to relocate to meet the demand. “It was hard, many times we questioned God. It was hurtful. But we understood that God had to check our motives. It was a pruning and testing,” McNeill says. “Money wasn’t there all the time. We went without food but we had to trust God. Sometimes saying yes to God and trusting Him will cost you everything.

Following God has definitely been a complete faith walk for McNeill. She has overcome physical ailments that literally had her at the point of death. From being diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer to Sarcoidosis of the lungs, she is a walking miracle. Even her doctors are astounded and perplexed. Yet, as McNeill puts it, “It was just God. I know God rewards faithfulness.”

Not only does McNeill tell her story wherever she speaks, but she has devoted her life to ministering to despondent and hurting women. Every month she hosts a Morning Glory and Mentoring Clinic. She teaches and trains women, through her own experiences and transparency, to rediscover who God called them to be. She hosts a yearly conference—Releasing the Spirit of the Warrior—for the sole purpose of bringing those women together and pouring into them. In addition, McNeill leads Wailing Women’s Ministry International—teaching women to prevail in prayer.

Through experience and real transparency, Apostle Regina McNeill is on a mission to help the hurting. There are more people that are hurting than most people think, she says. “What you don’t confront will eat away at you. I had to get to the point where I could conquer my past. You can’t conquer what you don’t confront,” she says. “I now have control over the thing that once controlled me.”

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