Apostle Wayne & Regina McNeill

by Tonya Dixon | March 11th, 2015
Apostle Wayne & Regina McNeill (Photos by Lashonda Crawford)

Apostle Wayne & Regina McNeill (Photos by Lashonda Crawford)

What do you do when you know God is telling you to do something, but you’re not quite sure what that something is? The answer is prayer and more prayer. That’s exactly what Wayne and Regina McNeill did when they were faced with the same perplexing situation. They knew God was leading them in a new direction in ministry, but everything else was a bit fuzzy. There were many more questions than answers.

Married for 23 years, the McNeills have been a ministry power couple for nearly the entire time. After marriage, they almost immediately fell into ministry leadership. Their passion and anointing was undeniable. God was proving himself and faithfully blessing within the outreach ministry they presided over. The worship center they were a part of had a significant membership of well over 2,000 and was growing. The McNeills were comfortable and benefitted from the bountiful resources of the church they attended. Nevertheless, they discovered God was calling them beyond the confines of their comfort zone. They were unsure of exactly where they should be, but they were completely confident God would reveal his plan in due time. In the meantime, they remained dedicated to praying, fasting and waiting on His command.

“It all started under our spiritual father, Apostle William T. Ford. Beginning as a small outreach under his ministry, we sought to bring hope, healing and restoration to broken people, marriages and families,” Apostle Wayne says. “God began dealing with us about branching out and starting our own ministry. We were released by our pastor [to begin the work].”

“We went on a 21-day Daniel’s Fast. We knew we were going to start our ministry, but we just didn’t know where,” Apostle Regina says. “When we ended the fast we were on our way to a Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital and I asked my husband if he thought Winston-Salem was the area? He said no. However, we stopped in Greensboro. My husband went out to get some things and I stayed in the hotel room. When he came back he said the Lord had spoken to him. God had spoken to me as well in the room. This would be the place. We were on one accord and we both knew it would be Greensboro.”

The curious issue about the McNeills’ situation was that they didn’t know anyone in Greensboro. They were completely out of their element and completely isolated. Their roots, family, friends and nearly everything else were in Fayetteville, N.C. Regina likens it to the same situation of Abraham in the Bible. She says God revealed that he was going to take them away from everyone they knew. They were not to look back. Everything he had for them required moving forward and completely trusting in him.

The joy of serving the Lord and being obedient was like none other. They were certain of their call and already knew God to be faithful. Within a week, they had a date, found a house and Wayne was able to transfer his job to a Greensboro office. They began spreading the word about their new ministry, secured a location in a hotel and commenced to having worship services.

Fast forward eight years, Apostles Wayne and Regina are humbled to be celebrating with their church family–Kingdom Life International Ministries—growth and expansion. They are now reaping the benefits of answering the call from God so many years ago; not only answering the call, but remaining faithful and consistent. Despite countless obstacles, limited resources and even days of doubt they remained convinced God would provide for their every need. Even when everything around them screamed give up and go back.

“We felt overwhelmed many times. We even thought maybe we didn’t hear God correctly. We were challenged financially, spiritually and emotionally,” Apostle Wayne says. “All we had was the word of God and we stood on the word. When we were discouraged God used our own children to challenge and encourage us. At times when we wanted to go back to Fayetteville the children would say, no we want to go to our church. We didn’t even have any members at the time.”

The fact that they didn’t have any members didn’t stop Apostle Wayne from preaching like the room was full of people. Apostle Regina says on the outside someone really would have thought there were others there, but the fact of the matter is that it was just the family. They can look back now and laugh at their lean beginnings. She and her sons were the praise team, deacons, greeters, stewards and everything else.

The flourishing ministry they now shepherd is the result of their faithfulness and dogged determination to simply do what God called them to do. After growing out of nearly four different facilities, Kingdom Life Ministries is impacting the community by impacting the family. “God has given us a mandate for family and to structure the church according to his plan because God is for family,” Apostle Wayne says. He says somehow the body of Christ has gotten it twisted. “It’s God, family, then church. People don’t know how to live and balance church and family. We believe in enjoying life and restoring marriages and family. Kingdom life is about life and living it abundantly.”

Practicing what they preach, the McNeills take a day of the week to devote strictly to their own family. Even though their three sons, Dwayne, Dejon and Diavanni, work within the ministry, they all understand the importance of life outside of the ministry and connecting with each other.

Members and visitors often comment on the refreshing transparency of the McNeills and their consistency in and out of the church walls. Relevancy is very important, but no matter what, the word of God is never watered down. Church ministries such as the Flames of Fire (the marriage ministry), the youth ministry and leadership training, are only a few of the numerous opportunities for church members to connect with God, each other and the community. While expansion is good and expected and the vision is to accomplish more in outreach through a Christian academy and various transition homes, above all else, offering a solution of healing to broken people is the desire of not only the McNeills, but it is the heartfelt mission of Kingdom Life Ministries International.

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