April Alford

by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
April Alford (Photos by Michael Yarborough)

April Alford (Photos by Michael Yarborough)

April Alford is a passionate and driven leader who teaches, informs and empowers others to build generational wealth through home ownership. Every day, her goal is to help people take control of their destiny by setting them on a path towards financial security.

April serves her community as a Mortgage Loan Officer with Movement Mortgage in Raleigh, NC. There her focus is to assist consumers with obtaining a mortgage loan to purchase a home. She also educates consumers about the importance of budgeting and establishing credit worthiness. “My services offer programs with 100% financing, and down payment assistance or low down payment programs. I also regularly host Home Buyer seminars to help people prepare to purchase a home. Additionally, I use the power of social media to give advice and weekly tips,” she shares.

April started her finance career in 2000 as a teller for a large retail bank. In 2004, she moved to the United Kingdom and worked for a Consumer Finance company that provided personal loans to consumers. Upon her return to the United States in 2008, she resumed her career at the same retail bank, working her way up through the ranks in various positions until becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer in 2012. She hasn’t looked back since.

The driving force behind April is her love for empowering families with the ability to build generational wealth through home ownership. She says, “It excites me to help someone achieve the dream of purchasing a home. It also brings me great joy to show someone, who thought they couldn’t purchase a home, how it can in fact be done. Seeing the smile on a client’s face when they receive the keys to their new home is a gratifying feeling that never gets old. It’s during these moments that reminds me of how I am walking in my purpose,” she says.

April effortlessly credits the one person whom has had the greatest impact on her life. “For years, my mother worked for a large retail bank. When I was a child, I practically grew up in a bank, spending several days there after school. I watched my mom meet with her clients, while providing superior customer service. At the time, I never truly understood what her job was, but I knew I wanted to do something similar,” she said.

In addition to her mom, April acknowledges several others who have influenced her life life over the years. “My former manager, Sekhar Pinapaka noticed my potential and allowed me to shadow him. He saw that I wanted more out of my career and encouraged me to go into mortgage lending. I wouldn’t be where I am today in the mortgage industry without his influence. My three children, Kristina, Jerron Jr., and Jaedo are truly the motivation for everything I do. I want to leave a legacy for them and I hope they will in some fashion, empower their own generation with the knowledge I provide them with,” she says.

The future looks bright for April. There she plans to continue to share her knowledge with others and educate as many consumers as possible about the home buying process. In 2020, she plans to launch a Wealth Building Series that will not only focus on home ownership, but also other areas such as the importance of life insurance, wills, budgeting, credit, and real estate investments. “This information is beneficial to everyone, but I definitely plan to target our minority communities. I want to be a vessel that helps bridge the gap in minority home ownership,” she shares.

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