April Roache

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2020
April Roache

April Roache

Originally from St. Louis, MO, April Roache now resides in Dallas, TX. She is a product of a single parent home and lived in foster care until the eighth grade and until her big sister obtained guardianship over her.

As an adult, She decided to enter the medical field, and now serves as a CNA and Medical assistant. Her career has lasted for 12 years. “I love helping people. After a while I needed a mental break from the sadness because I see so much death. The emotional part of the job itself makes you feel like that,” she says. Eventually, April did just that; she took a break from the medical field. “I pursued other opportunities that allowed me to use many other skills. I moved to Dallas three and half years ago for a fresh start,” she says.

Today, April is the owner of Helena’s Collection, a handmade accessories company that specializes in custom jewelry, handbags, refurbished furniture and more. “I like to make unique, one of a kind pieces that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. My slogan is ‘let me customize you’. I live up to that,” April shares.

She is also well known for her customized bracelets, “Arm Candy” for ladies, “Man Beads” for men, and “Star Charms” for children. She has the latest fashion trends and describes her collection as a one stop shop. She will also deliver locally up to 15 miles with in the vicinity of Dallas. Anything over 15 miles require a $10 delivery fee (prices vary depending on distance.

The story began in 2014 for April and Helena’s Collection. She started off making blinged out ID badge reels. “I would go get rhinestones and decorate ID badges. Everyone would say how cute they were and ask where did I get that. I told them I made them and they would ask for me to make them one. That’s how it all started, from some ID badge reels,” she shares. In the beginning her prices were modest, just $7.00 and $8.00. She didn’t know any better. “Once I seen I was making a little extra money, I thought that I could get used to this. I always wanted something with mom’s name attached to it. Her middle name is Helena. That’s how Helena’s Collection was born. I started making earrings, tote bags, bracelets, etc. It went from there. My creativity, my determination, my passion, and the fact that I actually took the time to hand make these items with love is what makes my business is what it is.”

Love is what makes it all worth it for April. “I enjoy being creative and being able to give my customers their very own, unique custom pieces while bringing their vision to life. Seeing my customers smiling and happy is always the goal. I’ve also made a few celebrities bracelets. That’s something that makes me happy as well,” she says.

As a small business owner, April has weathered a few storms to stay afloat. Some of them are having the right amount of finances to maintain inventory. “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and trying to make sure just regular bills are paid and still have money to invest back into your business is hard. Especially when it’s just you. I’d rather work my but off before I have to pay someone back, and that is why I don’t want an investor. One thing for sure is that I will not quit,” she says.

April is inspired by her desire to have financial freedom and being able to offer her mother and sister a stress free life. “I want to be the one to break that generational curse and create generational wealth. I feel like my family has suffered enough trauma in our lifetime and deserves to have a win. My family and I have never had the chance to travel either, so that’s something I want us to experience as well. My sister helped to raise me and she is also someone that look up to. She’s been through her own trauma and she’s still standing,” she says.

April also addresses the challenges she faces personally. “Counseling has taught me how to be more aware of the root of my issues. I have learned to accept the fact that some things may never change. For this, I make better decisions. I have learned to not to envy other business owners or Instagram influencers because behind closed doors some of their lives might be in shambles. Everyone is battling their own demons daily, and we just don’t know it. I’ve learned to be mindful of what I see, hear, and say on social media and in real life. I block all negativity out and I protect my peace at all cost,” she shared.

When she looks back, April shares there isn’t much she would have changed about her journey other than she would have taken advantage of the opportunity to educate herself on the financial aspect of being an entrepreneur. Moving forward, she hopes to learn more on how to market her business effectively. She also hopes to continue to grow her business, especially in the clientele department.

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