Are You a Priceless Original, Or a Cheap Copy

by Terry Watson | May 7th, 2013

Terry Watson – Editor

Are you a priceless original, or a cheap copy? That was a question asked by a minister during one recent Sunday morning service at church. To be quite honest, I didn’t have a ready answer. Maybe because I didn’t know for sure. Not wanting to sound too self centered, I have always considered myself unique, original, and even once boasted that God broke the mold after He created me. Without question, I love my twin brother, but I still strive to be original. I admit that I have been a follower and tried to look a certain way while in search for acceptance. Those were childish ambitions, so long ago and forgiven. But on that morning I wanted to know my own self value and worth.

The answer falls between who and what impresses me the most and my biggest influences. The things that I surrender to or answer during my most trying moments. I’m definitely not a cheap copy, at least I can say that out loud. However, I’ve learned that whatever I take in, will come out. If I am influenced by something positive and yield positive actions, I am commended. But when my behavior is less favorable, it too is rooted in something that I have allowed to pierce my soul. Too much exposure to negative influences can diminish our self-worth and make us feel and appear cheap.

I continued to ask myself questions. When you look in the mirror what do you see? When you walk throughout your home or look at the car you drive, what do you see? Is it someone or something you saw on television, heard on the radio, noticed online, or passed along during your day? Is it a reflection of you? Am I untainted and uninfluenced? Innocent or guilty of committing lifes’ common and ordinary sins. Do I look and sound like someone I admire?

If you have something good, you will eventually impress someone and chances are it will be copied. Still, I want to see myself as a priceless original. I want to let my light shine on everyone that God has placed along my path. I want to use my gifts and talents to help make the lives of others better. To accomplish this, I must realize my own value. I can’t sell my soul to worldly riches and temptations. When the world looks at me, I want them to see my originality and not an impersonation. God made me just as He saw fit. He wants the best for me and in knowing that, I must work hard each day to be original, a priceless original.

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