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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Armor Bearer Team

Armor Bearer Team (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Chris Brown has always known he wanted to own his own business and in July 2001 his desire came to fruition. He began Armor Bearer Discount Movers. It all began when Brown decided to help his cousin move her belongings from one part of town to the other. His cousin had solicited quotes from many professional movers; however, after receiving stunningly high estimates she requested Brown’s assistance.

The move proved to be quite simple. Clearly Brown thought his job was complete. He had successfully helped his cousin without any hiccups, mishaps, issues or problems to arise. Everything was smooth sailing. In fact, everything went so well that in the process of moving his cousin, he inadvertently acquired another client who needed a mover. Before he knew it, helping out one family member turned into a startling successful business.

Brown initially operated Armor Bearer Discount Movers on a part-time basis. At the time, he was dotingly working his way through the Office Depot Management Trainee Program. The company had recruited Brown out of college. It wasn’t his dream job, but overall he was satisfied, but he soon tired of the constant need to relocate that the position required. Out of nowhere as quick and spontaneous as Armor Bearer Discount Movers began it just as quickly grew and expanded. In a very short amount of time, Brown’s part-time gig became his full-time company. It almost seemed automatic.

Although Brown is from Roxboro, NC, the company is based in Greensboro. Armor Bearer is a Biblically-based term meaning to uplift; to protect; and to take care of. The name literally describes and reflects the company’s philosophy. It’s no small coincidence and was a very conscious decision on Brown’s part. He was fully aware of the meaning. He truly came to understand the meaning and its importance through the leadership role he maintains-leader of the men’s ministry-at his church, Word of Faith Christian Fellowship. He realized it was a perfect fit. The name resonates with connotations and traits of strength and dependability. “We are Christian owned and strive to offer every client the highest level of customer service, professionalism and quality services,” says Brown.

The company is completely licensed and certified by the NC Utilities Commission, who governs NC movers. Armor Bearer Discount Movers offers local and long distance moves. Special attention is given on the premises to prevent damage to both the old and new residence. Standard moves include pad wrapping and shrink wrap, all the necessary moving tools including hand trucks, dollies, any needed leverage equipment and the appropriate number of moving trucks. The company even allows customers to leave clothing and certain items in drawers to reduce the customer’s amount of packing. A basic value replacement protection plan comes standard with the option to upgrade. The majority of the company’s exceptional employees have been with the company from the beginning.

Brown knows their work ethic, dedication and integrity on the job. He does his very best to make the process of every customers move as simple and seamless as possible. As much as possible customers are given an approximate estimate.

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