Arshawna Warren

Jalessa Rogers | March 22nd, 2021
Arshawna Warren

Arshawna Warren

In the era of smartphones and social media there are many ways that both can help establish and grow your business. For example, in the middle of a pandemic, social media has presented itself to be a useful platform for businesses such as churches and other ministries. Arshawna Warren, a Cleveland, OH native, is a Christian branding and marketing professional. With her business, I Am Arshawna LLC, she has been successful utilizing social media as a tool to help ministries stay active and spread their message and information.

Born and raised by a single mother in Cleveland, Warren was an active child, involved in singing, dancing, painting, acting, and ministry. “Being an only child raised by a two-time breast cancer survivor, my mother made sure I was educated on self-breast exams,” she says. During a self-exam, Warren discovered a lump and was later diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of sixteen. After being examined by her doctor and having a lumpectomy, her cancer was discovered and removed in surgery.

After her experience with breast cancer, Warren started a workshop called Be Pretty in Pink, in 2013. “My workshop was created to educate middle school and high school girls about breast cancer, encourage them, empower them, and teach them about the seriousness of breast cancer,” stated Warren. Her willingness to help other young girls and educate them about breast cancer gained national attention, and she was invited to be a guest on the Steve Harvey Show. In 2015 with the help of Steve Harvey, she was able to turn her workshop into a nonprofit organization.
As a recent psychology graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, Warren reflects on how her childhood was the reason she chose her school and major. “Being bullied as a child made me want to help young people with their mental health. Although I did not want to stay close to home, I felt that God wanted me to go there,” she says.

“Whatever God has for me, whatever that is, I am going to be helping somebody reach their full potential,” said Warren.

Growing up as an active church member helped Warren figure out a growing market that she could navigate and be successful in. “As a Christian branding and marketing professional my goal is to help different ministries, churches and brands navigate the social media world and market themselves in a professional way,” stated Warren.

Now that it is the third month in this new 2021 year, it has been almost a full year since the first stay at home orders were announced throughout the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of churches and ministry leaders decided to close places of worship and stream their services online. When asked about working with ministries and navigating them during this time, Warren stated that helping ministries navigate social media and their online presence is a big part of her business and has been even before the pandemic.

“I genuinely believe that my ‘why’ and my purpose is to help people, but it starts from the home. How you cater to the people who are around you, your family members, and your friends, they are what motivates me. I’m truly encouraged by their love and their support.” stated Warren. She feels that her motivation has always been her family, and they are one of the biggest reasons she has accomplished so much in her young life. Motivation to her has been labeled as her “whys” and her “whys” are her family and the people who she serves.

In her business, she has worked diligently to help ministries spread their message about God in an effective way. Warren’s main goals are to have a perpetual effect and reach more people, and to pay it forward as much as possible. She is also a big advocate for mental health because she was bullied as a child, so she plans to “give back to so many people who are struggling,” said Warren.

The future looks bright for Warren and she isn’t displaying any signs of slowing down. She shares her motivating mantra, “whatever God has for me.” To learn more about Arshawna Warren, please visit her website.

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