Artist Barbara Jackson-Cox

by Terry Watson | February 10th, 2011
Barbara Jackson at the Arts Festival in Raleigh (2010)

Barbara Jackson

Involving the application of acrylics to canvas and employing a unique blend of hand, fingers and brush techniques to bring images to life, Barbara Jackson Cox’s art form is described as “contempo-realism”. Through this transforming technique, the viewer is able to look deeper within the artist’s subject and explore its inner spirit.

A native of Atlanta, Ga., artist Barbara Cox-Jackson received her associate’s degree in commercial art and design from Atlanta Technical and Community College in 1975. She continued to fine tune her artistic ability by studying expressive drawing at the Atlanta School of Art and Stillicum Community College in Tacoma, WA. With no formal training, Jackson’s career as an artist started out as a hobby to relive stress and boredom.

“I’ve always painted for my own pleasure and after years of traveling and exploring other careers, including director of a sales force of personal consultants, I finally settled into my niche as an artist. In 1995, I established my own personal business,” says Jackson. She created a unique marketing concept that includes an exhibition format. Jackson’s art creates an atmosphere that promotes an informative, educational, cultural and profitable exchange.

This relationship with the public is exemplified by the name she has given her business, “Bringing Life’s Images to Canvas”. Jackson says her most memorable piece is “Premonition”, a painting of a universal Jesus. First seeing it in a dream, she says the work is her vision of one Christ. She says she was inspired by her vision of spiritual unity and believes it is both passionate and thought provoking. If the face is divided vertically, the black and white are visible. Divide the face horizontally and a male and female are visible. Looking at the whole image, it’s easy to notice that it bears no specific race, color or gender. “Jesus is all of us in one as we all are one in the eyes of the Lord,” she

Because her work is a reflection of her life, Jackson says that she constantly puts herself on display. She finds inspiration in young people and quite often encourages and reminds them of how important it is, even when faced with ridicule and rejection, to continue to draw, paint, or use whatever medium to express their talents.

As an artist, Jackson has faced her share of challenges and obstacles. A degenerative process in her cervical spine affects the use of her hands. As glaucoma looms and is countered with daily eye drops, she is concerned about her eyes. Being diabetic, she adds, brings its own series of problems. “With these issues I feel compelled to complete as many paintings as possible. I do the things that need to be done and I just continue to pray that my health continues,” says Jackson.

Jackson says she hopes to touch as many people as possible with her art. Stating that her life is not about making it big in the art world, she says it will be worthwhile if someone stands before her work and is affected in some positive way. For those who are interested in purchasing a piece of art by Jackson, limited edition prints cost around $150.00. Giclees and original work are priced between $250.00 and $4,500.00.

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