As We Remember: Dr Maya Angelou

by Terry Watson | June 5th, 2014
Dr. Maya Angelou (1928-2014) - Author, Poet, Activist

Dr. Maya Angelou (1928-2014) – Author, Poet, Activist

It has been nearly a week since the passing of the renowned, Dr. Maya Angelou. The world has been encouraged with beautiful tributes, discussions, interviews and remembrances. Admirers and critics alike are revisiting the great bodies of work she left behind. The death of Dr. Angelou, who could easily be described as the iconic mouthpiece of America’s heart, was not only a profound loss to the heart, fabric and culture of America, but it also shed light on the significance and effect of one life well-lived.

It appears every aspect of Dr. Angelou’s passing has been disclosed; the technicalities addressed. She quietly transitioned to an eternal resting place on Wednesday morning, May 28, 2014. From author to actress to activist, she lived a full life.

But how do we address the void her death will indelibly leave? How can one adequately articulate the impact and loss of the master expressionist? The one who seemingly always wrote the perfect prose for the perfect season; spouted the most eloquent and profound words of wisdom; and performed with seamless elegance. How do you replace the one who gracefully spoke the heart of so many, stood for righteousness and challenged others to do the same? How is it all kept alive?

The answer is simple. Continue Dr. Angelou’s legacy of common decency and love. Share with one another, teach one another, stand up for one another. Maintain a continual circulation of her literary and theatrical works of art. Did she speak to your heart? Were you encouraged to know you were a Phenomenal Woman? Were you strengthened through Still I Rise? Were you proud when she read On the Pulse of the Morning? Share it with your children and with one another.

Dr. Angelou often spoke of love and its liberating powers. She is forever liberated and we will forever indulge in the love she left behind.

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