Ashley Bishop

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Ashley Bishop (Photos by Ashley Bishop))

Ashley Bishop (Photos by Ashley Bishop))

Ashley Bishop of New Jersey is a website designer and brand strategist who is passionate about helping aspiring and ambitious current small business owners and entrepreneurs create brands that leave lasting impressions. She has a degree in Information Technology and Digital Communications from Rutgers University, and has extensive educational background in technology, digital marketing, and design. Ashley not only brings a trained perspective, but also a personal spark that helps turn everyday visions into real brands and websites.

Many of the products offered by Ashley are designed for ambitious and aspiring small business owners, as well as entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their brands. These products include Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Website Design, Social Media, Graphic Design, and Brand Packaging.

Her path to entrepreneurship began while she was a freshman in college. She shares, “I always loved creative design and I’m a very social person and so what came next made perfectly good sense. I created social media graphics for local small businesses near my campus and through referrals, my services became more popular. I started officially freelancing my sophomore year in college.
With my educational background, I became deeply knowledgeable about technology and building digital presences, and I looked for mentors to work with. Three years later, I established my business and I’ve been fortunate to assist many clients since doing so,” she says.

While she expresses that she is mostly inspired by God. While her journey has been difficult, because she didn’t waiver and continued to rely on her faith, she was able to stand. Additionally, she shares her mom has had the biggest impact on her life and career. Her mother passed when she was young. Though she was able to instill enough confidence and ambition into Ashley that she says will last a lifetime. “It is because of her that I know anything is possible and I refuse to settle for anything less than reaching my goal.”

The life of an entrepreneur is challenging, and often unpredictable. Ashley knows this firsthand and offers some advice to anyone who is considering taking the leap into her world. “Just do it. Ignore the fact that everyone else is doing what you do. Ignore everyone who doubts you. Have so much faith in yourself that you can’t allow yourself to fail.”

Moving forward she hopes to help current and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs, escalate their brands. She is currently working on scaling her business and expanding her team, all while looking for ways to help others.

To learn more about Ashley, please visit her website.

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