Ashley Davis

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis is a wife, mother and survivor. She is also the daughter of the late Licita Washington-Williams and the granddaughter of the late Bessie P. Foster. She is self-described as a survivor and says she never envisioned herself without the ladies that raised her, yet here she is. “Dealing with the grief of losing them is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. You don’t know how strong you are until strength and the Lord are all you have,” she says.

Ashley is also the owner of Fly Feet Boutique, a one stop shop for custom pieces, styling, and closet organization. She started Fly Feet Boutique in 2013 initially in response for her love of shoes. “I wear a size 10 in women and always found it difficult to find stylish shoes in my size,” she says. In 2014 she introduced custom pieces and styling to the mix.

“I assist with coordinating looks for print ads, public appearances, weddings, and more. I also come into your home and help you “purge” your closet,” she shares. If someone is need of a one-of-a-kind piece for a special occasion, chances are that Fly Feet Boutique can create something.

Ashley says her mother, grandmother, and children have impacted both her life and career the most. Her mother and grandmother were both entrepreneurial, well spoken, well dressed, god fearing women who had a great sense of humor. Her mother passed away when Ashley was 21 and her grandmother passed away in January of this year. Now, she has two children of her own to raise, Alahnna, 16 and Mj, 13. “Being a mother can be challenging, but it has pulled a delicate strength out of me I didn’t I know existed,” she said.

To run her business, Ashley looks for inspiration within herself. Of course she reads magazines she shares, but she also watches documentaries, and follows other stylist. However, Ashley says when she’s alone, that is when it all comes together.

“I simply want to grow in whatever way the Lord has for me, whether it be In my business or personal life. I have an open mind and a eager heart for learning, but most importantly I have a faithful spirit. If I take two steps, I know the Lord will take three,” Ashley says.

To learn more about Fly Feet Boutique and Style, please contact Ashley Davis, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @ Fly Feet Boutique.

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