Asia Hicks

by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016
Asia Hicks (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

Asia Hicks (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

Asia Hicks is a hard worker who, since she was a young girl, had dreams of being her own boss. Along her life’s journey, motivated by dreams of success, Asia never lost sight of being an entrepreneur. As time passed, her determination grew and today she is the owner of R&B Seafood Box in Durham, North Carolina.

R&B Seafood Box is a seafood and soul food restaurant. What this means is that the staples and base foods at R&B Seafood Box are different varieties of fish, shrimp, scallops, oysters and more. The traditional dishes like mac-n-cheese, collard greens, potato salad and more are of course a key part of the menu as well. The restaurant also boasts freshly made burgers, hot dogs, fries, fried chicken, pork chops and specialty sandwiches. R&B Seafood Box also caters for all types of events.

After graduating from Virginia State University with a Hospitality degree, Asia was offered a job in Durham. During her time in corporate America she met another would-be entrepreneur and began the process of researching opening a business. “We found a great location and decided on what type of restaurant we wanted to have. Eventually, R&B Seafood Box was opened,” she says.

For some time after opening, Hicks was trying to juggle a full time career and the opening of a new establishment. As expected, she could not survive doing both and eventually became a full time entrepreneur. Today she is the sole owner and she says the rest is history in the making.

Hicks has a strong desire to help others. While operating a restaurant in the heart of the Durham community, she is able to reach many others and share her story while learning of their dreams and aspirations. “I take pride in the food we provide. I love the day to day interactions with my customers and employees. I also love the day to day interaction with local vendors and other entrepreneurs. I believe it takes a collaborative effort from each of us, in order for us all to go to the next level,” she says.

Her mother has impacted her life and career the most. As a single mother working hard, her life inspired Asia to work just as hard. “My mother even invested in a restaurant business with hopes of passing it on to me because she knew it was my area of expertise, my dream. That business venture didn’t work out, but because of the seeds sowed into the business and her prayers for me, R&B Seafood Box was born,” she says.

Hicks is also inspired by God and others who have proven how much they love her. “God wakes me up in the morning, and my dreams give me the fuel to get moving. I am motivated to press through my busy days with the belief that my sacrifice today will make for great rewards tomorrow,” says Hicks.
As Hicks continues to work making her business greater, she is also allowing her experiences to make her better. With every hurdle Hicks says she learns more about herself. “Nothing is worse than reaching your desired destination without the proper preparation.”

My plans for moving forward are to expand R & B Seafood Box’s reach. We will eventually do more catering and expand to additional locations near and far.

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