Aubree Dean and Salads On The Go

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2016

Salads PicAubree Dean of Huntersville, N.C. is a 10-year-old entrepreneur. While most kids her age should be totally dependent of the support of others, she has found a way to make her own cash. In the past, she has operated lemonade stands to raise awareness for the children in Cameroon and also to give toys and school supplies to a soup kitchen in her community. In third grade, she made and sold rainbow loom bands to raise nearly $800 for the people who were affected by a typhoon in the Philippines. During these experiences, she also learned a lot about herself and eventually started her very own business.

Aubree’s Salads On The Go LLC started in February of 2016, and was incorporated in April. “I was just doing it as a fundraiser to raise money to attend The Junior National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. However, customers kept requesting the salads. So my mom filled out the corporation papers to make it a legitimate business,” she says. The response was so great that Aubree’s Salads On The Go LLC took off.

Dean sells salads in a mason jar. She puts the dressing at the bottom, and then tops it off with fruits and vegetables, then the lettuce. “You must store the jar upright, or else the dressing will get on the lettuce and it will become soggy,” she says. She is inspired by healthy lifestyles. Since she swims every day, it only makes sense that she would want to eat healthy. Salads On The Go are convenient and provides her customers with healthy lunch and dinner options.

Dean says that she had to learn a lot about running her business as she went along. When a local news station did a segment on her business, at the time she was making salads at her home. She did not know that she needed to be in compliant with her county health department. “We had to find a commercial kitchen in the area that would be willing to let us use their kitchen on a regular basis, and on set days. Her mom also had to shop around for commercial insurance for the business and went to the sales tax office so that she could accurately report and pay the sales tax on her business.
The favorite part about Dean’s business she says is the extra time that she gets to spend with her mom and dad. Her business also offers her more flexibility to spend time with friends, but only if they are willing to help.

In the future, Dean says she plans on marketing the salads to gyms, personal trainers, and other companies in her community. She will also begin to offer her product in plastic jars so that people can take salads and enjoy them at swimming pools (glass containers are not allowed in swimming pools). She is also in the process of working on a deal with a local aquatic and fitness center to use their kitchen on a long-term basis and offer salads as a membership perk to their clients. Her future looks bright and the world should expect to see a lot more from this young business professional.

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