August June Desserts

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019
Natosha Fleming (Photos by Rea Images)

Natosha Fleming (Photos by Rea Images)

The name August June Desserts is derived from her birth month (August), and her son’s birth month (June). Natosha Fleming loves to cook and bake and was looking to find a hobby that was related to cooking. That is how her business August June Desserts was born. Over the past eight years, August June Desserts has evolved into a state-approved, home-based cake studio/bakery that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Before starting her business, Fleming stated that she already knew how to bake, but wanted to learn how to properly decorate cakes. In 2010, she took a few cake decorating courses at Michael’s, and that was really the start of August June Desserts. She shared that family and friends really liked the items that she baked, and it was suggested that she go into business selling desserts. The business began to gain more exposure due to word of mouth, and she sued skill sets obtained from work experience over the years and applied to
them to the business.

August June Desserts specializes in made from scratch custom cakes and gourmet cupcakes for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, or just because it’s Wednesday and their client wants to have a cake. “I believe that there is nothing better than a freshly baked dessert. I enjoy creating custom cakes and desserts that are beautiful and delicious,” says Fleming. They offer cupcake flavors ranging from classic vanilla to egg nog. Their cake and buttercream flavors can be mixed and matched to provide the perfect custom cake flavor such as lemon cake with strawberry filling, and white chocolate buttercream. There is also the AJD Gourmet Cupcake Collection, which is a specialty cupcake line that has six sweet and savory flavors such as Lavender Honey, Rosemary Cilantro Cheddar, and Wild Mushroom. Additionally, they design custom dessert tablescapes.

Besides running a business, Fleming is also a mother, a connoisseur of good music, great food, books, and interior design. Being in the kitchen and her love of food is inherited from her late father Neville Bullard, a native of the Bahamas, an excellent cook as well. Fleming was born in Miami, Florida and is the second oldest of five girls. She moved to Warner Robins, Georgia at the age of 15, is an alumnus of “THEE ILLUSTRIOUS” Hampton University, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. She worked with a community action agency in Georgia in various roles before moving to Charlotte in 2005, and has worked in corporate America for the past 13 years. She has been baking for the last eight years.

Fleming has found love in operating August June Desserts. “I love the fact that I can create a cake from scratch, knowing it’s a work of art that will be a beautiful and delicious experience for a client’s once in a lifetime celebration. I also love the freedom that entrepreneurship affords. I am able to set my own hours, guidelines, and share my talents, all while making a profit,” she states.

Fleming also acknowledges the many challenges that come with running her business. The main challenge she says is balancing work and life. “I have a full-time corporate job, and as we all know, being a parent is a 24/7 job. As a small business owner, I manage all aspects of the business and wear many hats that range from being the owner, baker, website designer, branding and marketing person, graphic designer, photographer, and anything else that is required. All of that takes a lot of time, and I am still adjusting to it all. Another challenge for her is learning that everything in business doesn’t happen overnight. She admits that it’s a long and tedious process that requires adequate preparation.

Fleming says her mother, Eleanor Bullard has impacted her life and business with her strength, and by providing inspiration on how to be an entrepreneur, as she owned a clown business and a cleaning service. Her father’s impression was felt through his cooking, work ethic (he was a teacher for over 35 years), and his zest for life. “My father’s passing had an effect on my life, as it taught me to take time to enjoy life,” she says.

The future looks bright for August June Desserts. This year, they started a blog, August June’s Kitchen which discusses topics ranging from baking, recipes, business, and motivation. Classes teaching business/branding photography, and cake decorating are also on the forefront. They will also hold pop-up shops at retail locations such as West Elm, and participate in vendor events to introduce and promote the August June Desserts brand to new audiences.

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