Autumn Shelton

Laci Ollison | March 22nd, 2021
Autumn Shelton (Photos by Harazim)

Autumn Shelton (Photos by Harazim)

Rising entrepreneur Autumn Shelton is taking the natural beauty industry by storm. At just 23-years-old, the Nashville, Tennessee native has managed to disrupt the status quo for individuals her age by starting her own beauty brand and opening up a brick-and-mortar location in her hometown.

Autumn is the owner of Honeyed Lips and Skincare LLC, also known as Honeyed Natural Healthy and Beauty. Through her business, Autumn sells and crafts handmade products for her customers.

“I sell and craft handmade all-natural organic lip care, skincare, and wellness products for the overall wellness inside and out,” said Autumn. “Our products are designed to target skin types such as sensitive and dry skin, rashes, eczema, acne, and psoriasis.”

Autumn says that she is adamant about helping her customers achieve healthy skin. “Our main goal is to promote healthy skincare,” she said. “So, we do not use any harsh fragrances, chemicals, alcohols, or steroids!”

It was also her customers that inspired the young entrepreneur to start her business. “[I was inspired by] helping others through the process,” she said. “I have struggled with eczema, sensitive, and dry skin, my WHOLE life. All the dermatology appointments and endless products that did not work for me was just mind blowing.”

After Autumn realized the hard work it took to find products for her skin, that’s when she realized that she had to do something for her own skin, and to help others with similar issues as herself. “Afterwhile I started doing my research and learning about my own body and specific needs,” Autumn said. “I was tired of the steroids and irritants in the soaps and other skincare products I was using and wanted to head in a more all-natural direction.” From there, Autumn gathered the knowledge she had gained and began applying it on her own skin.

“That’s when I started crafting my own products and changing bad lifestyle habits, and it worked great for me,” Autumn said. “My eczema is now almost completely gone!” When Autumn realized that she was able to clear up her own skin, that’s when the inspiration to start a business came to her. “Once I started getting into making products for myself and seeing how beneficial it was and could be for others, I decided to turn what I was doing for myself into something for everyone,” Autumn said. “I started small with family and friends, got great feedback, and then decided to expand with a plan.”

Her products have helped many of her customers get the skincare results that they have been searching for as well. “I have customers that have noticed a wide variety of results,” Autumn said.
“From clearer glowing skin, lightening blemishes and dark spots, evening skin tones, less inflammation, and allergic reactions.”

Autumn’s wellness products have also had a positive effect on her customers overall physical wellbeing.

“When it comes to our wellness products,” she said, “sea moss gel and elderberry syrup customers have reported more energy, fewer aches, and pains, as well as better immunity, digestion, weight loss, lower cholesterol, improved a1cs, and longer/stronger hair and nails.

Although her business is now growing, Autumn says that she did face some challenges during the process of opening up her physical store location. “The hardest part was just trying to get everything together from a product aspect and to a shop aspect,” said Autumn. “I wanted it to be an amazing outcome and create a comfortable space for everyone. I always carry a homey vibe and that is what attracts people to me. From a product perspective, I had a lot of new things I wanted to make and get on the shelves before opening.”

Autumn says that she is also still learning to balance all of her life responsibilities as well. “Balancing everyday life, my healthcare career, and my business can be challenging sometimes yet very rewarding. It just requires having a strong structure and organization. I love what I do in every aspect of my life. Working in health and beauty is my heart and calling.”

Even with the normal challenges that come along with building a business, Autumn says that there is nothing about her journey that she would change. “I absolutely love being a product of my environment and rubbing off on others and helping them understand a better way of living,” said Autumn. “Change can be uncomfortable but very needed in some cases. You cannot expect results if you don’t try.”

Autumn also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to give up in the pursuit of their own dreams. “Never give up. No matter what challenges are thrown your way you have to keep going,” she said. “No one ever said it would be easy. Build relationships and understand that everything is not for everyone but what you are doing is for someone and they will be grateful for what you are doing.”

And when things do get hard, Autumn says that it is her own journey that keeps her motivated. “My own personal journey motivates me to keep going,” she said. “I have been able to touch and help so many who have some of the same challenges as me and to be able to talk to them and tell them ‘hey we’ll try this or do this to see if it works for you’ makes me feel so good. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.”

Over the next few years, Autumn hopes to continue to grow, scale, and expand her business. “I see myself growing and venturing into other sectors of health and beauty,” said Autumn. “Opening Up another Honeyed location outside of TN is in the plans as well. I am working very hard to improve the overall aspect of Honeyed’s products and services!”

To learn more about Honeyed Lip and Skin Care, please stop their new location, or visit their website.

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