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by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Tangee Moore, LCSW and Shawnrell Blackwell, PhD (Photos by Jasmine Lowery)

Tangee Moore, LCSW and Shawnrell Blackwell, PhD (Photos by Jasmine Lowery)

Avail Outpatient Counseling, often referred to as “Avail,” is a small, certified woman and minority-owned (SWAM), private practice with a mission to empower and heal the total person —mind, body, and soul. By definition, the word Avail is two-fold. One stance, means to use or take advantage of an opportunity or available resource and the other means to help or benefit someone or something. Either way, it is how the business name was coined.
“The Avail Way™ best describes the company’s practices. They are devoted to providing services focused on the person, healing, and is goal directed.
Tangee Moore, LCSW and Shawnrell Blackwell, PhD both founded Avail on July 17, 2016. Moore and Blackwell, aka “Dr. B” met as strangers, both with a shared vision for helping others. The pair held several meetings and discussions before ultimately deciding to join forces, thus Avail Counseling Services was born.

The founders of Avail believe in staying true and authentic to their vision. Blackwell is a single mother of a college-bound African American male whom she says is her greatest accomplishment. Despite the many obstacles she faced in life such as growing up in poverty, being a victim of sexual abuse as a child, and becoming a teenage mother, Shawnrell defeated the odds. She became a school principal and earned her Ph.D. at the age of 27. She used dancing as a coping mechanism throughout her life to create a means of balance. She is best known for her leadership skills, motivational speaking, and passion for helping others who’ve faced obstacles as she has, while empowering and teaching them how to be better. Her mantra is “to live, laugh, love, and dance like no one is watching”.

Moore is a ‘SOULcial’ worker whose purpose is being the light for others. She is also a mother, wife, blogger, and avid cyclist. Determined to bring forth change and better opportunities, Moore often references a quote by Oprah Winfrey, “Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.” After long days of being a vessel and touching the souls of others, she refuels by spending quality time with her family. “My daughters, ages two and six, mean everything to me. I fill their lives with experiences, not just things,” she says. Her blog, Tangee Taught U (www.tangeetaughtu.com) has nearly 200 posts offering healthy recipes for Food, Fun, and Fitness. Cooking vegetarian and pescatarian meals is a big part of Moore’s self-care, as well as being active and maintaining fitness. She is a founding member of BreakawayRVA (www.breakawayrva.com), which was born with a mission to build community through biking, and biking through community. Breakaway RVA provides people with a chance to break away from the current status quo, changing the norm – getting off that app, hopping on a bike, making a new friend and exploring the best Richmond has to offer. Overall, Moore is creative and sets herself apart in the world of mental health where her spirit and energy for people is unmatched.

In addition to outpatient psychotherapy and empowerment coaching, Avail’s wellness activities, AvailFit™, is a holistic approach, that provides uniquely individualized options for one to heal by including their body and soul in the process. This includes Reiki, Pilates for Stress and Anxiety, Dr. B. Therapy, Guided Meditations, and more. Avail looks at the mind, body, and spirit as parts of one’s self that profoundly affects one another. Blackwell and Moore are true believers in change and that people can create the life they want.

The overarching vision of Avail is to help people connect the dots as they explore dysfunctional or non-beneficial ways of thinking, eating, relating, and behaving, and to support them in incorporating new ways of existing which leads to abundance, fulfillment, and congruence.

“What we love most about being business owners is being true believers of what we prescribe, and practicing what we preach. We are always participating in community events and giving back. Whether it is feeding the homeless, lending a hand with art groups for the senior community, or conducting fitness classes for college students. Our success depends on our connection with the citizens who need our services,” they said.
Avail services are intended for individuals who are non-hospitalized, may be on medications, and welcome holistic measures to heal.

Their psychotherapy sessions focus on healing and understanding. Avail’s empowerment coaching sessions focus on helping individuals evolve and manifest their true potential. Both disciplines are intended to work with fully functioning individuals/couples who are facing difficult situations. Both professions focus on helping people makes changes and accomplish meaningful goals. Avail wellness activities, referred to as AvailFit™, focuses on equipping individuals with techniques and tools they can employ on their journey back towards wholeness.

Avail’s target population includes individuals from age seven to adults who are having difficulty with mental health, addiction, relationships, health, and corporate wellness. They are targeted because they are most likely to experience emotional, mental, and behavioral distress resulting from psychiatric, substance abuse conditions, or life stressors that impact or debilitate their overall functioning. Avail also strives to work with individuals who are motivated to change and ready to heal. Though their services are voluntary, Moore and Blackwell are committed to working to meet the needs of those who want to discover their true self and true potential.

In the future, Avail’s goal is to become a fully operational Counseling & Wellness Center. “We envision having a facility where people can pause amidst the chaos of the world and seek services that will offer them the comfort of holistic care for their mind, body, and soul. Our grandest vision is to expand and have a small group of therapists, empowerment coaches, health, wellness, and fitness instructors supporting our dream and offering the traditional and nontraditional approaches to healing that we believe in,” the pair said.

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