Awards, Accolades, and Alignment

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2021
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

Sometimes I reflect on where I have come from in life. With each reflection, the feelings are always different from one another, and it makes good sense for them to be. There are peaks and valleys; good moments during the valleys, and even bad ones when I thought things should have been great. I guess you can describe it as a roller coaster ride that never ends.

I am the second youngest child in a family of six, with two additional big sisters. With this arrangement, the number of stories to share is plentiful. Even more, the steps that I’ve taken have painted their own picture, validating my individuality and uniqueness, and eventually revealing what I am purposed for. There is a saying “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you”. For me, learning what God has destined for my life and not responding according to His desire is sort of an opposite parallel to that adage, meaning once I learned who I was supposed to be, every act of disobedience that followed has been painful.

I have taken part in a lot of things in life. I have been acknowledged for some, and for some, I have not, and in my dusty collection, one might find a few plaques, trophies, certificates, and awards. Though I haven’t received many accolades, yet I know they’re coming. I confess that I once believed they would, I am now at a place where those items just don’t do it for me. I realized such symbols of merit have only provided short moments of enthusiasm, and any mental record of them is fleeting. If I have no memory, then it’s like it never happened.

But when I slowed down and allowed my life to get into alignment with what God has purposed for me, everything that I gave value to before, I used as a foundation to stand on to obtain that which will never lose its value; and that is God’s favor. I realized that when God blesses me, the sensations are unending, and the benefits will open doors I can have open on my own. When I walk with God, and that means allowing God to lead me, every desire, want, and need appears to just fall in place.

I have learned that awards and accolades are good but being in alignment with God has way more value. What God gives us will last, a whole lot longer than anything the world gives us. He promises not to keep any good thing from us, and all we have to do is trust in Him. For me, being loved by God is the purest form of an award and accolade, and one the world will never be able to duplicate or measure up to.

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