Ayanna-Kai Cross

by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2013
Ayanna-Kai Cross

Ayanna-Kai Cross (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Ayanna-Kai Cross is a social media consultant that specializes in internet marketing. She has built a successful career in marketing while helping others earn an income online. Once burned by corporate America she decided to make her own economy by forming her very own company, AC Marketing Group. Its primary purpose is to help ordinary people find success online with little to no experience.

When she moved to Greensboro 12 years ago, she immediately found a job. During that time the job market was better, companies were hiring and the salaries were great. In her first year, Cross enjoyed a salary of 60k. Life was awesome, but as a young woman she didn’t have great money managing skills. “My second year, the company I worked for outsourced the division that I was working in to India. With just a 30 day notice, I had to downsize my life to an unemployment income,” she says. Needless to say, she was looking for a “plan B”.

Her “plan B” was network marketing. Initially, Cross says she saw little to no growth. It wasn’t until last year when she joined Empower Network that things started to turn around. “Everything has been a blur since then,” she says. Empower Network is an internet marketing training company that teaches people how to get massive results in any business without any of the hassles that are normally associated with a home business. It has an affiliate marketing program with an aggressive 100% commission structure that allows people with no experience to reach success.

“It gives me great joy to help others; but especially those who may have had hardships like me. We are taught at a very young age to go to school, get an education and then get a job and become successful. That 40/40 plan doesn’t always work,” she says. “I learned that most successful people work for themselves and not others. I also learned that most millionaires are entrepreneurs and that a good majority of them come from the network marketing/internet marketing world”.

Cross says she has been on both ends of the spectrum in her life. She has been the individual where jobs have been cut resulting in temporary homelessness. “Its not a pretty place and I want to do all that I can to prevent others from going down that path,” Cross says. Empower Network has been a lifesaver both personally and professionally. Not only is she able to earn an income, but she has been exposed to advanced marketing skills that can be taught to others or be applied in other endeavors. “Its a win-win for me, my family, and others who have been introduced to it,” she explains.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, Cross asserts. She believes that business owners get hit harder than most because they are equipped to take it. “When life happens, we have to lean on the word of God, choose an accountability partner and get a mentor,” she says. She has made it through her most difficult times by sustaining a belief system. Her belief in God propels her forward each day. “I truly believe that God led me to EN and her sponsor, who also shares a story similar to mine,” she says. “The Lord puts people in your path to remind you of three things. He brought us to it, that we aren’t the only ones and that he will bring us through it,” she says. Those are the things that Cross says inspires her each day. “If He has done it once, he can and will do it again so I am sharing my testimony with as many people as possible,” she says.

If you are interested in earning an income online or even a little bit curious, please visit www.earnbiggerpaychecks.com and see how she and others are cashing in on internet marketing secrets with little to no experience. Cross says she only spent $25 to get started and it literally changed her life. She is currently in the process of starting a non-profit organization called, Beautiful Flowers, to aid Single Moms with the knowledge and resources to become entrepreneurs.

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