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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2018
Ayanna McMullen (Photos by Petite Shards Production)

Ayanna McMullen (Photos by Petite Shards Production)

Ayanna McMullen of Richmond, Virginia is an eclectic systems thinker who empowers people to navigate the clutter of life. By doing so she enables them to see the big picture and break it down into manageable parts so they can live their best lives.

Ayanna is an educator, songstress, long distance runner and salsaholic who loves silver bangles and exploring different cultures and ideas. Ayanna is a Professional Organizer and holds a B.A. in Political Science and a M.P.A in Public Administration. All of these attributes are utilized in the very unique business that she manages, Harmony Organizing.

Harmony Organizing is a consulting company that declutters and organizes the spaces in which people live, work, and play. “Most people think of space as tangible but there are also intangible spaces such as our minds and spirits. Harmony works with people on these levels as well. How we think determines what items and people we surround ourselves with and vice versa. The things and items we keep close to us affect our minds. It’s a holistic approach; we address the entire person,” Ayanna states. “I think that’s what makes us unique in the field of professional organizing; addressing the person as a multidimensional being, which we all are. Harmony Organizing balances the dimensions of your life.”

As a pre-teen and teenager, Ayanna shares that her mother would move her from room to room. She shared a room with her two sisters and brother. She was also the one who would often organize family trips and serve as the “ambassador” for herself and siblings to their parents. “Ayanna you go ask momma and daddy if we can” was a directive often given to her she states. That was also her prepping ground for what would eventually become Harmony Organizing.

Organizing things was always something that came naturally to Ayanna. It wasn’t until 2011 when she experienced her “Life Supernova” and her world fell apart that she really began to understand the depth of how valuable it is to be organized and in balance. From then on, Harmony became her passion.

“We are such better humans when we are organized and in balance,” Ayanna says. “I view order as a systemic movement or flow that is not stagnant but creative and liberating. Order should naturally adjust to your lifestyle to enhance how you move, work, and play. My clients’ lives are enhanced during the decluttering process. They’re able to take inventory of their lives and make concrete decisions on the things they do and do not want, from piles of stuff, to bad habits, to toxic friends. This self-discovery process is key to creating the lives they want and living up to their full potential.”

Ayanna usually works with career minded women who wear many hats, though she does have fantastic male clients. To be successful, she seeks anyone who is primed for change, or has a real, definite, and acute desire to change their cluttered lifestyle. Ayanna shares, “my clients who are primed for change have decided to take action due to personal circumstances or when everything in your life explodes and you don’t know where to pick up the pieces. I call these experiences a ‘Life Supernova’. I assist individuals who experience life transitions or unexpected events such as marriage, embarking upon a new career, starting a business or having to take care of a loved one who is sick.”

There are a few organizational tips that Ayanna offers those seeking to follow in her footsteps. These tips are also useful for everyday life. These include Physical Spaces such as bedrooms, offices, garages and more. In regards to Mental Spacess Ayanna offers goal setting, vision creation, idea generation, and task lists. There is also a focus on scheduling and time for planners, calendars, schedules, communication boards, productivity apps and more. Finally, there are products geared around Cloud Space for things such as intangible files and information on computers, phones, and cloud storage. Additional services offered are geared to help clients organize their ‘Out of The Box Projects’ such as workflow management systems, human resources systems, group coordination and training, employee handbooks and more.
There are a few organizational tips that Ayanna offers to those seeking to make their lives clutter free. First, Know Who You Are. If you don’t know, find out. A simple strategy is to write down what you like and what you don’t like. You’ll begin to see how your beliefs and values align to these. Does something need to change? Knowing yourself is also extremely important when working in cluttered environments with various personalities. Secondly, Know Your Big Why. Why do you want to become a professional organizer and why are you passionate about this work? This is the fuel that will keep you going when things are easy and when they are rough. Your Big Why is essential to creating your vision for your business.

The next thing you should do is Find a Mentor. Whether it’s for business development or someone who can show you the ropes of organizing. No need to reinvent the wheel if someone else can show you how. Just add your special touch to it. Next, don’t forget to Create a System. Systems leverage your time, resources, and energy. Build Your Team. A team also helps you leverage your time, resources, and energy. More importantly, a team is great to bounce ideas off of. Knowing that there are people who have your back and can fill in the gaps is invaluable. Finally, Create White Space. Entrepreneurs, or up and coming entrepreneurs wear many hats. There is always something to do. Build time into your daily schedule to breathe, let your hair down, and just have fun. You’ll be refreshed and more creative when it’s time to work.

Moving forward, Ayanna plans to continue to build her team and expand her services. This fall she will host her 4th “How To Be #GoalGetter” workshop. It will be a goal setting, pre-game for the 2019 year. This platform and other services will be expanded to an online version and plans are also in the works to officially launch the “Pay It Forward” campaign to assist those who are in financially distressed situations and experiencing life supernovas. These will be gifted, organizing sessions intended to bring harmony into their lives.

Contact Ayanna and Harmony Organizing today and allow them to help make your life simpler.

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