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by Alana Allen | July 11th, 2014
Antonio Duggins

Antonio Duggins (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

At a very young age, Antonio Duggins, a Williamston, N.C. native has always valued one thing with family, friends and even animals, and that is their loyalty. It was something that was engrained in his mind growing up and he has incorporated the same values into his clothing
line business, Bloyal.

Duggins decided to break into the fashion industry with Bloyal because it was a creative avenue to get a message across to the masses. “One
of the first things people look at or judge you by is what you are wearing,” Duggins says. “I have my own style that I prefer and it makes me different and sets me apart from others. Having a clothing line helps me to get my own message across that speaks volumes and allows me to get the community involved.”

For many years, Duggins entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by a long time fashion guru from his hometown known as, James “Caroliente”
Flames. He watched and supported his clothing line for years and even though their brands and clothing are different, he saw how he got his
own personal message across and his sense of fashion that established a name for himself.

The Bloyal clothing line consist of t-shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, hoodies, performance shirts, tank tops, crop tops, sweat pants and wrist  bands. Duggins is always adding new items to his product lines and expanding his reach in various markets. His message to consumers
is to Be Loyal to any and everything that you believe in or stand for, no matter what it is. Also, the brand recognition behind this clothing
line means that no matter what you do or become, stay true to it and help better the people around you. “You should Bloyal to yourself and
support those that support you.”

An interesting attribute to the Bloyal brand is the paw print that is incorporated into his fashion line. Duggins has always been an animal
lover and was raised around dogs all his life. For the past seven years, he has rescued, raised, bred, and shown American bullies. “It’s my passion and my dogs have really lived up to the phrase, ‘there’s no loyalty like a dog’, and no matter what, my dogs have been true to me and have proven that “dogs are man’s best friend,” he says. “My first two dogs, Montega and Angel have shown me the real definition of loyalty. One guards my front while the other has my back. I live by LOYALTY and expect the same from the company I keep.”

One of Duggins many methods of sharing his message is giving back to communities by supporting local charities like Relay for Life and volunteering to speak to children in schools to provide motivation and encouragement to help keep the youth on the right track. In addition,
to his community service, Bloyal has acquired a men’s softball team and a work out team to help motivate people to reach their weight loss
goals and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Duggins continues to stay inspired by bettering himself and the people around him. He believes that the world has grown to become a cruel
place but if he can strive to help better others, then he’s doing his part. He would also like to acknowledge and thank God, because without
Him none of this would be possible. Next would be his immediate family that has impacted his business the most, through their creative ideas, their support and their motivation. “Without them I don’t think I would work as hard,” he says. “My hometown of Williamston and the
whole (252) area has supported my business in a major way in helping to spread the movement and making it bigger than I ever imagined.” In addition to his hometown, he appreciates the support of his alma mater, Winston-Salem State University that has supported him tremendously.

Duggins thanks Shima Andrale for her motivation. He also thanks Team BLoyal, his very close friends, Vertical Limit Tees and Greensboro for their continued support. His future plans and goals for Bloyal are to expand throughout the world, improve his production time, reach out to more schools and charities, and to one day position his products in a clothing store one day.

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