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Candance Morton | September 16th, 2016
Attorney Candace Morton (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

Attorney Candace Morton

By the time this article is published, school will be back in session and students will be enjoying the “honeymoon” period of their school year. This will include catching up with old friends, creating new friendships and establishing relationships with new teachers. However, time will pass, work will become challenging and friends more frustrating. It is during this period that patience with others will be minimal and tempers will sometimes soar.

The majority of individuals will be able to resolve their issues amicably. However, there will be times when people will be tempted to resolve their issues in a dangerous and unacceptable manner such as pushing, striking or fighting the person that angered them. In North Carolina, an individual that engage in this type of behavior could find themselves facing a variety of charges including but not limited to simple assault, assault and battery, assault on a female and affray.

All of the above referenced charges are misdemeanors but still can potentially carry a jail sentence. If the situation escalates to a point where the victim is injured the charges can be elevated to a felonious level, it all depends on the facts of the case. Needless to say a conviction for this type of crime can carry lifelong consequences. It is always better to walk away from a situation when tempers flare and emotions run high because that will create the space and time needed to make a wise decision.

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