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by Terry Watson | August 6th, 2011
Juliette Chambers

Juliette Chambers (Photos by Brad McKenzie)

Her initial plan was to pursue a career in medicine after graduating from high school. A nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, labor and delivery, or physical therapy; she aspired to do it all and enrolled at a local community college. However, Charlotte native Juliette Chambers plan changed when she realized that college just wasn’t for her. So she then began to search for career options in Planetary Health Care instead of Scientific Western Medicine and found herself in Massage Therapy school.

“I have always wanted a career in health care, but since I don’t believe in taking medicine unless it is absolutely necessary, I didn’t want to administer them to others on a regular basis,” says Chambers. This belief was fortified as she has always opted for an herbal treatment or old school remedy before taking a prescription. She researched different modalities that have been used since ancient times to aid mankind mentally, physically, and emotionally. Massage Therapy became so intriguing to her that she wanted to share her findings with everyone who would listen.

As her life transformed, so did Chambers career goals. She was bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to start her own business. Her vision was to include everything she had learned, but to somehow enhance it as a product line of her own. Thus, came the creation of Beannie’s Body Therapy and Products, a massage therapy and all natural skin care products rolled into one. With the therapeutic side of the company, Chambers is proficient in reiki, swedish, sports, fertility, pre/postnatal, reflexology, deep tissue and neuromuscular massage. Her product line is handmade, organic, and paraben free which benefit the entire family from head to toe.
While attending massage therapy school, she learned to pay closer attention to the ingredients of products that she used topically. She also gained knowledge on which herbs and oils better benefit the skin, and started seeking out these ingredients. “I started making simple exfoliating scrubs that I used on my hands and feet to maintain softness, because no one wants a massage from a therapist with ruff hands,” says Chambers. Once she saw how well the exfoliants worked, she commenced to using them on her body and was absolutely amazed with how they left her skin soft and supple. Chambers says she immediately went out to local markets to gather different ingredients so that she could make a few for family and friends to try. She says they were delighted at how they felt after using the body scrubs. This delight turned into demand because they started asking for certain fragrances of body scrubs, body lotions and products for their hair. She figured that if she could make a body scrub, then making lotion or hair moisturizers shouldn’t be that hard.

Chambers says she studied lots of books and did plenty of research to collect information. “I wanted to ensure if I made different products that they could be used by all skin types and would not have any adverse reactions,” she states. “I started with body scrubs, added body butters, then hot oil treatment and moisturizer for the hair.” Her product line has now grown to include four types of body scrubs; Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Honey Brown Sugar, Lavender Sea Salt and Minty Eucalyptus. In addition she has five different fragrances of body melts (butters) which includes Chocolate Deluxe, Honey, Lavender, Minty Eucalyptus and Pineapple Slice. Beannie’s Body Therapy and Products also includes Mango scalp oil, conditioning shampoo, locking creme, facial exfoliant, tonic and maske, herbal shaving cream, melt and pour candles, lip balms, four different herbal soap bars, professional grade massage oil blends and exfoliants and gift sets.

Chambers says she loves that supply and demand allows her to be creative with her products. “When I go into the “home office laboratory” to make different batches of an item, it can take countless hours. Yet, I don’t mind putting in the work because this is a career that I am finally satisfied with,” says Chambers. As an entrepreneur she has also faced challenges in business. These challenges include getting larger local retailers to carry her products and appreciate them the way that her existing customers do. Eventually, she wants to take her product line nationwide, but Chambers admits that it has been a slow process. “I know that God has blessed me with a gift,” Chambers proclaims. “I did not intend on becoming a Naturopathic Chemist, I only planned on being a massage therapist until something else came along. Following wherever the Most High leads me, and wants to take me has never failed. I am gracious for God’s love and guidance.”

She says she is appreciative of her family and friends that are always anxious to try new items and give their honest opinions. That has helped her to form her products into what they are today. Her mother, Mrs. Judie Mae, she says is a very important part of her life and business. “She has always encouraged me to pursue my hearts desires no matter what. She was the first person that I did demonstrations on, and she is my chief line tester, assistant mixer and top critic,” says Chambers.

Chambers says she plans to give back to the community that has supported her thus far. Her planned efforts include establishing a distribution center for Beannie’sBody Products and providing jobs for the citizens of Charlotte and surrounding areas. She also plans to get married and start a family one day.

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